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Monday, April 30, 2007

Belated Celebration

It's been a long time ladies and I've been revived - yes I am back from oblivion. First of all, thank you to you who have been taking care of making this blog buzzing all these time I was gone (yes, you Kelly) as well as all the commenters and regular and devoted SU fans here, I've missed you all.

I have shamelessly neglected to welcome our anniversary and now barely missed the 70k mark. I hope to make it up. I apologize even though I know you gals are capable of entertaining yourselves here, in the forum or at Kelly's site.

Got some plans ahead while the first season of Jericho comes to an end. We are doing a Miracles-like discussion where you all will be subjected to watching Jericho re-runs during this summer, indeed a lovely prospect for us all Skeet Ulrich fans. We can't possibly let the public at large forget Jericho and Skeet Ulric while it goes on hiatus for we want this series back for another season. We certainly can't follow CBS's mistake of putting it on break when it was clearly running on full steam in the beginning of the first season. So, don't you agree and don't I have your support on this?

Now to make up for my neglect, I've somewhat ripped this off Ray Singleton's diary while you all were busy discussing Jericho and Skeet sightings the last few months. It starts that fateful day when he got proposed...

Tuesday, June 20, 1944

Today had been a strange day.

Reverend Case came to see me today at the farm. I was in the
barn and I heard a sound coming up the driveway. I walked out and saw him
getting out of his car. The look and the sight signaled some feelings I
have been trying to forget but now it hit me full force and reminded me of the
time he came over and delivered to me Daniel’s terrible news.

Read on.....