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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


This day brings anticipation and dread for most of us. I think we'd enjoy this season finale episode if we only knew what will become of it after the summer. I think we all are having attachment issues, it's hard to fall in love with a series (and character --you-know-who!) and let the network execs pull the rug under us after one season.

Message to the CBS execs: The plot thickens, the story can grow in so many ways. Unlike some of the other series that sprouted this season along with Jericho, the episodes do not drag because it had to stretch to its final week with a grand finale. Case in point, Heroes, it suffers the same fate as Lost, the story is showing signs of being stretched to its full capability as a story line. As the story in Heroes would like to end with the prevention of a catastrophic explosion, Jericho has gone through that and from the start has shown promise. We see all types of real human personalities, good or bad, come out of a desperate attempt for survival and inspite of the adversity the audience still get to see lighter moments/scenes that are bordering on comedic at times. What more can you expect from a quality series than Jericho?

I know everyone's crossing their fingers and praying for a positive outcome. Let's keep our hopes up and give good vibes now. For the summer, we will entertain ourselves with the Jericho episodes this season. And for those of you who basically drooled and got distracted on Jake and neglected the other parts -- er- I mean, other characters -- what say you? Watch out next week...

Outstanding performance by Skeet in this scene.