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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jericho Screen Captures, Save Jericho

Well since no one else is posting at the moment... Hello my name is Kelly, and I am a Skeet Ulrich addict... ;-)

Skeet caps from last Wednesday's episode have been added to the gallery.

See all >>

There are lots of articles out there about Jericho being down again in the ratings. I really wish there was more we could do. I ran across a site for Friday Night Lights in my Jericho searches, I have never watched the show but it is always mentioned in the same articles as Jericho regard the cancellation possibilities both shows seem to be facing. Anyway, FNL fans are doing a campaign, a very original and brilliant one see here, to show their support for their fav show. I feel like we should be doing more for Jericho but I just don't know what. I have been emailing CBS and getting everyone I can think of to email them and watch. If anyone has any ideas at all beyond that please share!

One last thing, an article came through my alerts yesterday but unfortunately you have to be registered and pay to read it. This is as much as it shows:

Still Time to Save "Jericho" and "Lights."
(Author: Column by Susan Young|Date: April 6, 2007|Publication: Oakland Tribune)

NOT TOO LONG ago, Skeet Ulrich came to the Bay Area to pump up some interest in his faltering series "Jericho." Sitting in Grumpy's down by the Embarcadero, eating runny eggs and sausage, Ulrich says he doesn't hold out much hope that his series will get a second season. This despite the fact that the show was an early favorite. "I think when we went into that long hiatus, we lost momentum," Ulrich says. Source Link. If anyone comes across this article, could you please post it or a link. Thanks!

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