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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fan Fiction Newbie : My Sequel Scenario

Okay, Ive finally taken the plunge and attempted to do a little fan fiction. All this talk of stories has motivated me, (mostly through guilt -- but hey, it works!). Anyway, I wrote all day Tuesday, and finally managed to get it all up at my yahoo account. It is really long, roughly 15 pages, so I think I will just put the link here or it would push all the wonderful Skeet pics into oblivion, and that would be soooo wrong. To preface it a bit, the story was written as a sequel to the movie and takes place about 8 months after the end of the movie when Danny is about 2 years old. And, just a warning, my yahoo account times out a lot because they only allow so many downloads/views per hour. If anyone wants to post the story elsewhere .....that'd be great! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it...............take care friends!