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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fan Fiction

I love fan fiction...I love reading it and I have amazed myself by actually writing some. I'm only attempting to explain my view on this, so I hope you all understand.

There's been much written about Ray and Livy. We've had expansions on their story--filling in the gaps we felt were missing from the movie and story line. Let's face it, if it was up to us, TMoOD would have been a long-running series--following Ray and Livy's lives through the years, with all their sweetness and romance included.

The writers among us attempt to do this to our satisfaction, because we all love these characters so much. We've created OUR visions of their past and their future, moments and events we'd like to see come to pass for them, and the cast that surrounds them. We all love this story--it's honestly changed our lives, in that we have met many new friends because of it--we don't want it to end.

At this point in time, I myself have hit a wall. As much as I want to write, even feel the need to write, I don't have anything. I can't even call it writer's block--I don't consider myself worthy of the term. I'm sure others feel like I do. It's a matter of having a thought, a seed that might develop into a story. A fresh view or situation that might work. And when it's not there, you have nothing.

So that said, I guess I'm just asking for more patience and consideration for the writers. It's very frustrating to want to write, to know that others are anxiously waiting and not have anything to offer.

There will always be fiction pieces here on the blog. We just have to look at them as unexpected treats, and savor them when they arrive.