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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thank you!

Thanks to all for your warm welcome!
Although I have just joined I have been hovering over you for several months, enjoying the great stories, whether sweet and romantic or sexy. You are a group of very talented women and have my total admiration. I decided to join when I discovered my true addiction a few days ago. Facing a full day ahead with nothing to do (not even cooking for my husband) I decided to pull some of my DVDs, and procceded to sit in front of the TV. In the evening a noticed that As Good as it Gets was airing; but since SU part had passed I turned it off, and remembering my day I realized that I had watched Nobody's Baby, The Newton Boys, Scream and TMOODs, with a couple of interruptions, to check the blog, YIKES!!!! I can not believe I am the same woman who, until last year, only watched the evening news, and an occasional PBS. Please tell me that there is a cure! although I may not need it, since it may be Gods Will.
Again, thank you all!