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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Our First Year

After a year--

The blog stats:

Site hits: 38,533

Posts: 361

Fan Fiction: 67

Diversity: US, Canada, UK, Hungary, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Bulgaria, Israel, Guam and possibly many more

Comments posted: 3,427

Skeet/Ray pictures: 1,741

Friendships: priceless

My 2 cents:

I have to apologize (big time) to P&P5 for neglecting to do this until now. I've appointed P&P5 as co-administrator last year. She has been instrumental in asisting me in getting the site updated with posts during times when I am unable to. My heartfelt thanks to her for being there when I need it.

For a site that was set up for a life expectancy of about 4 months tops, being able to see the 1st year anniversary roll by is both rewarding and surprising and certainly endearing. I do admit that even if we are very proud of the hits we get on this blog, it does not compare to others that are out there. However, I think it is quite phenomenal that we've gone this far and still feel the obscurity that we like to keep and still maintain this as our special place that we can call our own.

I named the blog a Therapy because I thought I needed to let something off my chest for a movie and an actor named Skeet who affected me a LOT. I thought by doing so I can be cured of this addiction and be able to get on with a 'normal' life. Little did I know then that this will only fuel more things in me that letting go would mean something comparable to loss in a family. This has become ironically my 'normal' life. And to know others who have expressed the same sentiments, I have received the affirmation that I am not alone in what I have percieved and accepted as my way of life. For all these, I am very grateful to ALL who have shared and trusted this blog as a place to commune, be creative, supporting, accepting and welcoming to each other.

In a way, I am glad that not many people get or understand the movie like we did, I think certain things happen for a reason. I do believe in divine intervention as I am sure there were reasons besides the obvious like underlying personal events and situations in our lives that brought out this successful collaboration that have lasted this long. I am sure for many of us, the therapy went beyond the movie and the actor.

I am very honored to have met you all even if it's just online.

And lastly, I hope one day that Skeet Ulrich will see what a positive impact his presence has been to many in this blog.

Happy Anniversary, TMoODers!