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Monday, June 20, 2005

Manifest Destiny - ITW2

Did you all enjoy the second episode? I bet you all did- minus the deaths and goriness of it all. I had a hard time picking the best Skeet scenes much less keep my fingers from pressing that screen capture button.

It's an interesting episode as the drama begins to unfold here. The first episode concentrated more on introducing the characters and setting up the foundation of the story line. Beside its having more Skeet time, the content is more interesting. Even the timeline is less ambiguous than the first.

I'll be breaking down the screen caps into a few posts. This will be the first installment being that I've captured quite a number of scenes with Skeet in it and that we are still unable to post comments, at least there will be something for you to read and see.

Sometimes it's hard to see the real Skeet when he's in costume and playing a role but his charisma does come through especially when he smiles, raises his eyebrows and does his usual hand gestures that we all so became familiar with. I guess that's a good sign that he does play his role very convincingly.