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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Philly radio Interview

Through the diligence of a Tmooder (Kay) as well as a barage of emails from other TMoOders, the guys at the WMMR finally gave in and gave us a copy of Skeet's 6/1/05 interview.

We are told that the audio will be available through their site soon. The link to the radio station site can be accessed from the toolbar. It may take a while before they put it up, the interview was about 16 minutes long. I'll post the interview tonight if the audio file isn't up yet at WMMR's site.

The interview was great, he joked around and was very comfortable with the DJs, who were clearly fond of him even asking him to stay longer after the interview.

Thank you Kay for having the determination to make sure we Skeet fans get to hear his wonderful voice, and thank you WMMR for sharing the interview!

On the side note--I've made the blogger's commenting service available for the meantime while the guys at Haloscan are troubleshooting the problem. I am glad that we are not an isolated case and other blogs using Haloscan are also having the same problem. Hopefully, they can iron this out soon as I really like and miss their service. So feel free to comment using the blogger link at the end of the post.