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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wednesday, July 19, 1944

I have finally met Olivia.

She walked in the room as the Reverend introduced us to each other. Our eyes met and she looked down. I felt my face grow hot and I instinctively gripped the brim of my hat tighter as if that gesture alone would keep me from falling over.

It had been a hot day. I worked all morning around the farm and hadn’t the appetite to take any food. I had wondered if I had caught the sun when I reached out and shook her hand for I cannot believe the sight standing before me.

She was incredibly beautiful. I cannot believe my eyes. Certainly Reverent Case must have been mistaken and picked the wrong girl from the station. Not one single thought, save probably the eyes, of what I have imagined her to be had matched the Olivia in my mind.
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