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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Campaign Should Continue...

Well folks, I know we've all been fatigued from all that had happened the past weeks. It's just rightfully so that we try to take a breather for we have won -- indeed we have! But we must remember that the fight goes on even in victory. We can't let them say to us later "I told you so" if Jericho fails to pick up to their standards again.

And so Skeet Ulrich fans we have to start now and help in the cause -- to get more viewers and fans to watch this show! How are we to do this? No more shelling out of moolah for now, we have to use other means, in our own way, contribute to this responsibility of fulfilling our part of the bargain. So, having said this I plan to revive the Jericho discussion so it can be picked up by the crawlers and keep it active in search engine results. Please, any suggestions to make this discussion more interesting and the content easier to understand for the sake of new fans out there, do shout it out.

I don't want to give the execs the satisfaction of axing this show again for I have already detected a note that their expectation and prediction are quite bleak for the future. Jericho will climb a tough mountain come October -- lower budget (oh we'd better brace for more cheap cinematography here), to a comeback peppered with a not so enthusiastic ok from the network (we are only bringing you back because your fans said so but this time you have to prove it with more numbers), and I am sure the anxiety will be there for the actors for there is now even heavier weight on their shoulders to carry on.

Once a week -- I think that will keep the episodes fresh in our minds in time for the next new episode in the fall.

Other updates:
*For the TMoOders out there, Ray's diary has been updated, check it out here.
*The history by month has been updated for those of you who want to take a look at what went on here before you found us.
*The forum has a new banner temporarily as of now, it's still a work in progress but it will differentiate it from the blog.