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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Heart of Winter, Jericho

Caps from tonight's episode have been loaded. To anyone who has not seen the episode the caps may be a spoiler so please be warned! :)

I am not sure about anyone else but I absolutely adore Gerald McRaney and the episode tonight just solidified that adoration even more. I am so glad that Jake chose his Dad to confide in because I just love the scenes between Skeet and Gerald. What a tear jerker tonight was. I can't wait until season one's DVDs come out so I can make proper caps. The rest of the caps are Here.

I scanned in next week's copy of the TVGuide, "Jericho's Bad Boys" and you can see those Here.

I also added four more HQs production stills from Jericho that my friend sent me and you can see those Here.

Just so it doesn't get lost, Kim found a great new interview Skeet did... there is that ball cap *lol*. Link: Click here.

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