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Monday, March 05, 2007

Wondercon San Francisco

Wondercon saw Skeet wearing a red hat, white short sleeve tshirt over a gray long one.

Absolute must: the next Jericho episode. Emotions run raw and all their acting superb (especially Skeet with his SPOILER: crying scene). Seeing it on the big screen without commercial was a plus. The plot thickens and some very important questions answered. Fun times with Mimi and Stanley inspite of their predicament. You finally get to look at ex Mayor Green in a new light. Hawkins in his own set of trust issues. Just an idea of what's to come. YOU MUST WATCH IT.

Kelly will have all the pictures in the gallery, here's to tide you over for now. There's plenty of pictures but they are huge ones, so please be patient. Also see wireimage for pictures of the event.

Presenting his absolute hotness -- Skeet Ulrich-->