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Friday, September 29, 2006

Fallout's best scenes

So that was just a great episode, wasn't it?

What we learned from this episode:

1)Some questions answered (somewhat) from the super enigmatic Jake in the first episode to a few clues about his very attractive capabilities in the second.
2)Just how prepared are we on a disaster like this
3)That a round is not enough to shoot a moving target (especially the nimble Jake) and definitely do not run towards a gas tank and
4)Try not to put the person you are rescuing between you and the shooter.

What I learned from this episode:
1)A nuclear blast will not be as scary if I am holed up with Jake
2)If he ever calls me Babe, I'd (swoon!)
3)that I will definitely NOT get upset if he says he's trying to keep me safe
4)Just who is sending the morse codes and how do they know which places got hit?

Here's a summary of this episode. Lots of other Jake scenes but these are the best from the hour. What's your favorite?

The toolbar has been updated with the new episode, for those who've missed it.

Frisky Friday everyone!

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