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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fan Fiction Upgrade

Not one to toot her own horn, our Skeetrfan has spent her Memorial Day weekend upgrading the fan fiction site. (You'll find a quick link to it under 'FORUM', just beneath the tagboard.)

Although it's still a work in progress, she has listed the fiction pieces in alphabetical order and is working on an Authors page. You'll soon be able to cross-reference the writer/story connections.

Between her 'real life', the blog, the forum, and keeping our 'history' relevant, I don't know how she manages to eat and sleep! SF, we can't thank you enough for your dedication to TMoOD and Skeet, and all the things you do for us! You've given us all a little corner of the world where we can meet friends and talk, a home away from home. Thank you, a million times over!