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Sunday, January 08, 2006

TMoOD The Notebook a

TMoOD, The Notebook and Hope Floats

Okay, my TMoOD friends, we have to do a lot of things to fill in the long hours without a new Skeet movie to watch. Not that there’s anything wrong with the old ones, it’s just that we all wish he was working! However, on the IMDB site, you might notice that he does seem to work in spurts, and then not work for a while.

So, last night I decided to watch The Notebook again. I know, Skeet isn’t in it! I had seen it once, liked it, but someone told me that Allie and Noah did not end up together. I thought they had, and had meant to watch the movie again, but I delayed watching the movie because the scene at the end reminded me of my dad just before he died. There is a striking resemblance between James Garner in that scene and my dad.  My dad was a farmer, and so is Ray. I bought my John Deere tractor ornament, and when taking down my Christmas tree, it was the last item that I took off the tree. And it did not go into a box and go downstairs. It has found a place on my china cabinet where I can see it as often as I like!

So, as I was watching The Notebook again a whole list of things came out that were TMoODish!  A long time ago I did a comparison of two characters that Keri Russell played, Livy in TMoOD and Naomi in ITW.  And SF did a masterful job, with pictures and everything, with comparing TMoOD and Hope Floats!  I don’t have the talent to post pictures, so will use words to illustrate the similarities.

Similarities between TMoOD, The Notebook, and Hope Floats:

Gotta love those neat old trucks!

Both movies took place during the Second World War. The Notebook story started before Pearl Harbour, about 1940, and TMoOD started in 1944.

In TMoOD Ray’s brother was killed at Pearl Harbour, and in The Notebook Noah’s friend dies fighting in Europe.

In all three movies the men were the first to show interest in the women.

In a story by TMoODer Kay, Nightmare to Ring, chapter 6, she had Ray thumb the tears from Livy’s cheeks, and Noah thumbed the tears from Allie’s cheeks in The Notebook.

All three movies had boating scenes, and TMoOD and The Notebook had fishing scenes. In TMoOD Ray dug a swimming hole for Livy when he found out she liked to swim, and in The Notebook Noah watched as Allie went swimming.

In TMoOD Ray taught Livy to dance to Slim and the Boys. Hope Floats had a great dance scene with Justin and Birdie! And in The Notebook Noah danced with Allie in the middle of the street.

The men kissed the women on the forehead in Hope Floats and The Notebook.

In The Notebook Allie’s family had a lot more money than Noah’s. And in TMoOD Livy’s family probably had a higher income than Ray.

There was awkward kissing scenes in both TMoOD and The Notebook.

The men’s families accept the women in TMoOD and The Notebook before the women’s family accepts the men. In Hope Floats Birdie’s mother accepts Justin before Birdie does!

In TMoOD and The Notebook Livy and Allie have a university education. Both their men, Ray and Noah, have high school education.

In Hope Floats, TMoOD, and The Notebook the ‘other’ men in the women’s lives are, and I quote from The Notebook, ‘handsome, sophisticated and charming’, but Edward and Birdie’s husband prove themselves to be scum!

All three movies have dance scenes: TMoOD: Martha’s birthday; Hope Floats: at the bar; and The Notebook: when Allie got engaged to Lon.

In TMoOD Ray’s dad had already died, and in The Notebook Noah’s father died. Noah’s dad gave him the money from the sale of his house so he could buy the Windsor Estate, and Ray inherited the farm from his father.

Joan Allen was Keri Russell’s mother in The Upside of Anger, and was Rachel McAdams mother in The Notebook.

At the first meal in TMoOD Ray and Livy sat at the opposite ends of the table, and so did Noah and Allie in The Notebook when Allie came to visit Noah before her marriage.

In TMoOD and The Notebook both women wore clip-on earrings.

In The Notebook there was a beautiful porch swing! And I created one for Ray and Livy in one of my stories of TMoOD, The Anniversary.

Keri and Rachel look great in 1940’s hair style, clothes and makeup!

Ray wrote Livy a note in TMoOD regarding the ‘junk’ in the basement, and Noah left Allie a note about a surprise he had for her: an easel and paint.

Ray got books out of the library to understand pregnancy and birth, cooking, and to learn more about Livy and her education by getting a book on archeology.  Noah bought an easel and paint because he knew Allie liked to paint.

Livy had a judgmental father, and Allie had a judgmental mother.

Justin in Hope Floats had a red tractor, and Ray in TMoOD had a green John Deere tractor.

All three movies were based on or near small towns: Seabrook in The Notebook; Smithville in Hope Floats, and Wilson in TMoOD.

Allie was volunteering at a hospital where she met Lon who was recovering from his war injuries.  Livy met Edward at a dance in Denver that was put on for the enlisted men.

Gena Rowlands was in Hope Floats, and The Notebook, and I believe that if they had had flashbacks of Livy’s life in Denver that Gena Rowlands would have been a great choice to play her mother.

And the cars! Loved Abby’s burgundy convertible! But also loved the gray one that Allie drove to Seabrook to reconnect with Noah.  And Noah’s bed partner drove a really sweet little car!

Older Noah set up a romantic dinner, complete with candles, for Allie in the retirement home. Livy made a romantic dinner, also complete with candles, for Ray on the night he brought home the letter for her from Edward. Birdie’s mom set up a dinner for Birdie and Justin that she had hoped would be romantic.

When Livy arrived in Wilson to marry Ray, she brought two suitcases. When Allie realized she loved Noah, she brought two suitcases to his house.

On the morning that Ray professed his love to Livy, she realizes that she loves him too as she was driving to pick up the girls, and she was looking at the beautiful ring he bought her. When Allie drives away from Noah’s, after her mother gives her the 365 letters that Noah had written, and had kept from her, Allie reads the last one first and realizes her love for him and comes back to Noah.

In TMoOD there are two scenes where you see Canada geese: one in the fall, and the other in the spring. In The Notebook the scene at the end of the movie has Canada geese flying.