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Thursday, December 15, 2005



Last Saturday I was busy cooking in the kitchen, and when I do this I like to listen to music. I had Il Divo’s first disc on (love it, love it, love it!) and this song came on. I thought if Ray could sing, I imagine him singing this to Livy.

The Man You Love

When you look in my eyes
Do you feel it in your soul?
Do you not realise
You’re the half that makes me whole.
Everything that I am, I’ll give it all to you
Put my heart in your hands,
There’s nothing I won’t do
For the chance just to live inside your heart
And understand the woman that you are.

I only wanna be the man
To give you everything I can
Every day and every night
Baby for all my life
I don’t wanna change the world
As long as you’re my girl
It’s more than enough
Just to be the man you love
Be the place where you run
When the walls come tumbling down
Be the rock you lean on
When you can’t find solid ground
Be your love and your friend
And all that’s in between
From now on ‘til the end
It’s only you and me
I wanna hear your secrets
And your wildest dreams
Wipe your tears … kiss you tenderly
Just to be the man you love.