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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Feeling Fresco

I know everyone is restless and probably bored...so here's a test of your skeet-meter knowledge.

There are seven images on this Italian Fresco. Instead of just viewing a mock mag on Fridays, let's take it a notch higher and get our Skeet senses a crank. I know it won't be hard to find Skeet but can you name the film each head shot was from? Most of the shots have clues mainly on the headgear to help you out but I know you all will be able to name the film even in your sleep.

I admit this Skeet-non-show is taking a toll on all of us fans. It's the end of the year, all fingers, toes and even legs are crossed hoping that the new year will bring news from our hibernating Skeet.

Frisky Friday TMoODers!