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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comic Con 2007

What a weekend!

I've been to the Wondercon in SF earlier this year but San Diego was something else! The Jericho panel was amazing, the jam-packed hall was incredible. It was an awesome experience.

As usual, I knew the best spot would be front and center and to get the spot was to get there early and grab a seat when it becomes empty -- anything for Skeet huh?!

So I heard that ScriptGirl was there too! Where were you seated?!

One hour was not enough and there was so much to talk about the time flew by so quickly and next thing you know it was over! In March, they had the time to show almost a half hour clip, this time they had more time to answer fan questions.

Each cast member was wearing a promotional tshirt that was made especially for the ComicCon Event (see the pictures below). It has the Chayenne flag on it. If you are interested in getting one here's the link http://www.wetcementclothing.com/.

Skeet was welcomed with a lot a big SCREAM by his fans. Wearing a hat and Jericho t-shirt and his sunglasses hanging on his shirt collar. Unlike the day before, you can tell his hair was not made up but he was still oozing so much charm, you try not to swoon and make an embarrassment of yourself from the crowd.

One significant thing -- they showed their sincere gratitude to the fans who helped them come back. The Jericho blog is updated for the fans because they say we are now part of the production and the show itself , wow, we are practically insiders.

Lenny was very funny and I can't get over that great accent! Emily has flawless skin and was a happy camper sitting next to Skeet.

Here are some highlights:

  • An Australian girl requested if they can do something about the horrible time schedule of Jericho in Australia.
  • A real CBS phone operator who shared her experience handling the numerous calls CBS received. She was amazed at how majority of the callers were actually civilized leaving their sentiments about the cancellation. Karim mentioned that CBS actually was touched by how organized and determined the fans were and that they were truly thankful at the spirit at which the mission was accomplished (in three short weeks!)
  • They showed a Thank You clip that they put together especially the fans.
  • Also a clip showing a preview of the DVD extras - yeah! Skeet behind the scenes -sweet!
  • Extras also include how they planned and built the Jericho set.
  • The cast talking about the loss of Gerald MacRaney's character.
  • A fan asked Skeet why he's been doing mostly good roles as opposed to a villain such as his Scream character (which we can't deny he is very good at portraying). Skeet did admit he loves playing the bad guy and enjoys playing it. Oh and this fan got to ask for his name card and received a hand shake from Skeet -- lucky gal!
  • A fan voiced his concerns about cancellations and unfinished story lines. Carol assured the fans that they will find a way to get the answers and endings if such an event happens but assured us that they do not anticipate this from happening and that they plan on staying for a long time.
  • The panel shared their experience about how they found out about the cancellation-- what were they doing and where they were at the moment. Also if they had begun the dismantling of the set upon hearing the news. We were told that it had begun but they immediately put a stop to it as soon as they heard the news. Good thing, success happened before it was too far along.
  • Skeet was asked about how he prepares for a scene that calls for heavy drama and emotions.
  • What was the hardest scene they had to do-- Skeet: I think he admitted the father and son scene, Lenny: the time his son asked him if he was staying or not (toothpaste scene).
  • Cast signing of Jericho poster downstairs amidst security and the world wide public. Only limited number of tickets were given.

The next one will be in San Francisco in February -- you all better start planning!

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