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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ch 9: Fourth of July in February

Livy was shaking in her nightgown set as she walked down the stairs to Ray, but all jitters were calmed when Livy saw Ray. Oh how he beheld his wife. How he adored her as always, but differently at this moment.

Ray spoke a soft tone, "Livy, I love you and I want you more than I've ever wanted anything in my life." Ray took Livy in his arms and kissed her. Livy said nothing, for words were not worthy of what she was feeling. She had to show Ray, not tell him, of her love for him.

The newlyweds danced and kissed for some time. Ray tried to verbalize to Livy what he was feeling, how she made him feel on the inside, but words would not form in his mouth, only soft moans from the heart.

Once Ray was able to think again, he led Livy, by the hand, upstairs to their bedroom. The room that had known love and had been the private place where a husband loved his wife. Love was reintroduced to that room that evening and it was never empty again.

Nerves came back to both Ray and Livy and giggles filled the air as a coverup for both of them, as they were unsure of what to do next. Ray knew what he wanted to happen, He wanted it to be pleasing to Livy. Livy wanted her husband to be pleased by their lovemaking, only she was unsure of many things about it.

Ray had moved his small radio from the bunkroom into the bedroom that morning. He walked over and turned it on a station that played jazz style music. Livy still stood in the middle of the room watching Ray as he turned on the radio and found the right station. Livy commented on the flowers that were setting on the table by the window. Ray smiled. How he longed to please Livy with all he did, even the flowers that sat on the table.

Ray was standing before Livy. She reached out and began to unbutton his light gray dress shirt. The one he chose because he knew Livy would like it. Ray wore his father's cufflinks, the ones his father gave him for special occasions. Livy removed the cufflinks from his cuff, and softly placed them on her dresser.
"They are so beautiful." Livy commented on the links.
"They were my father's, he gave them to me on my 16th birthday and told me I'd be needing them one day for special occassions. I doubted my daddy's comment from that day, I had begun to think my only special occasion would be my burial." Ray said softly, "Then you and your Red convertible pulled into town last summer, and all my hope came back to me. I'm the luckiest man ever, Livy, all because of you, I'm truly happy. I want to get up in the mornings, I want the day to hurry by so I can see you again........"
Livy interrupted, "I'm sure you'll be seeing me all too often now, you may grow tired of me quickly. Because I don't plan to let you out of my sight for one minute longer than I have to."
"That, Mrs. Singleton, will never happen. The only growing around here will be crops and my love for you. Oh, and our family. " Ray said so matter of fact.

Ray reached down and drew his wife's lips to his. His hands remained on her face for a time but they soon began to move and explore the uncharted parts of his wife's body. Now Livy wanted to speak but only moans were formed in her throat that came from the depths of her heart, her inner soul.

Ray ever so lightly traced the outline of Livy's body from her chin line to her waist with his fingertips. He continued to kiss her but on other parts of her. He kissed her neck and the curve that connects to the shoulder. He removed her robe from her shoulders and it slid to the floor like a waterfall to the river. He swooped Livy up like he did when they entered their home earlier, Livy kissed Ray like a wife kisses her husband when she wants him to know how much she loves him. Livy traced Ray's chin line and ran her fingertips over the smooth softness of his face.

Ray laid Livy down on the cool bedspread and leaned over and kissed her lips, a lingering, passionate, sweet tasting kiss. When they parted, they looked deep into each others eyes. Livy saw the deepest, darkest, most painful place that Ray had been, and she wanted to fill that with love and assurance. Ray felt the love of Livy. He removed his undershirt and laid next to his lover. He kissed her lips, her neck, her shoulders and at the same time he carressed her inner thighs with his strong but gentle hands and traced her calfs. Livy could barely think a thought, she was lost in the love Ray was showing her. She could only moan at his touches, his kisses; which fueled Ray's passion even more. Ray moved Livy's gown up to her waist and saw her panies for the first time. They matched her gown. Ray ran his palm over the silky panies and smiled. Ray rolled to his back and undid his black belt, he unbuttoned and unzipped his charcoal gray trousers and removed them in one swift move. Livy sat up slightly and removed her night gown. She laid back down and waited on her husband. Ray was mesmorized by Livy's naked body. Her breast were even more sensual than he ever imagined possible under her dresses and blouses. There they were, ready for him to enjoy. Ray sat Livy up and moved to the top of the bed so he could see to take her hair down. One pin at a time he removed and when the last one was pulled, Livy's hair fell ever so soft below her shoulders.

Ray kissed Livy's lips first, so she would know it was she he loved. He then moved to her breast. First with his hands, next his lips, then he sucked them both, ever so gently. Livy's breasts were as sweet as her lips, maybe even sweeter.

Livy could hardly keep any one thought in her mind long enough to respond to it. She wanted Ray more than she ever imagined possible for a woman to desire anything.

As Ray moved to her inner thigh, Livy watched as he enjoyed his bride, and she was filled with delight. Ray kissed Livy all the way to her toes. Ray spoke occassionally of how he so desired her.

When Ray kissed her toes, Livy sat up and removed Ray's undershorts. They were now both completely naked. There was no blushing from either. Both felt comfortable and natural with the other. Ray laid Livy back down on her back and kissed her deep and like never before. Livy could feel Ray on her inner thigh and her breath became shorter more shallow, she became lightheaded.

Livy had to shake her conscience back to reality when Ray spoke words that she knew she wanted to hear.

"Baby, I want you so bad, you can't imagine how bad I want you....but I'll wait on you, when you are ready....whether it be tonight or later...I'll wait....and if we start and it's too....uncomfortable, I'll stop. I just need you to let me know Livy, let me know if you want to stop. I love you, and I've waited a long time for you, but I can wait until you are ready." Ray sincerely meant every word he spoke and Livy believed it.

He kissed Livy again and again. He touched her again, but this time he touched her in her most private spot. Where the body is taken over by passion and explodes with satisfaction. Livy's hips bagan to move in rhythmic motion and Ray just watched. He no longer kissed her lips or breasts. He enjoyed watching pleasure fill his wife. Livy's body was now in command of her husband. Her arms were above her head and her hips moved like they had done this before, and her legs spread as if they knew what she needed next. Ray looked into Livy's soul and offered her his.

Both talked at the same time. Repeating their love for one another. Ray quickly matched Livy's rhythmic movement. With every rise and fall of motion, Livy became overwhelmed with love for Ray and he with her. When neither thought it could get any better or more intence, their loved burst like a fourth of July firework display. Both shivered until the end. They held each other tight.

Livy was the first to speak, "I love you, Ray." she said so softly, almost a whisper.
"I love you, too, Livy." Ray said as he moved to her side. They continued to kiss, ever so lightly.

The night was full, but not the Singletons stomach. After a while they got up and went to see what Martha had packed them in the basket. Livy was wrapped in the quilt her mother made for her 16th birthday, something she would need one day for special occassions and this was Livy's special occassion. Ray dressed in his night clothes. They were soon downstairs delved into the basket. They sat on the living room floor rug next to the fire and ate all that was in the basket. Their conversation was never dull or null. After finishing the last of the chocolate cake Mrs Pratt made, Livy asked Ray if he wanted to join her in the quilt. And Ray wanted to join her.
"The only requirement is you have to be naked, like me." Livy said with flirtation. And Ray removed his night clothes and joined his wife under the special occassion quilt. Naked at his wife's request. With pillows surrounding them and the fire stoked, Ray and Livy had another fourth of July in February.

Their honeymoon was well underway.