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Friday, October 14, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost - Installment 9

Paul and Alva are making their way down the street to the realty office when they hear the commotion. Sirens are screaming off in the distance. Both break into a trot when they see Frannie running from the building in a dither. Tanya, the alluringly seductive, blonde nymphette, scoots out of the door just as they arrive. Alva is apparently invisible to Tanya. (I guess she finds black silk PJs a turn-off). But she stops in her tracks and looks up at Paul with her luminous blue eyes. She reports that the ghostly activity is really bad. Amid the screams and crashes they also learn that Kittredge is still in there.

Our heroes push forward into harms way. Inside the building they find pure chaos. Papers are swirling in the air..........chairs are flying everywhere........lights are flashing......desks are vibrating wildly and inching their way across the office. The fellas assess the situation all the while dodging large airborne objects. Alva instinctively knows to keep low. Obviously this is not his first poltergeist. Paul hunches a bit, but has more of a deer in the headlights look about him. Pictures come crashing down shattering glass all around. A fire blazes in a trash can - the flames licking at the ceiling. Paul looks up just in time to see a desk headed for them at rocket speed. "Keel, lookout!!" yells Paul as he tackles Alva, pushing him to safety.

Paul lays sprawled on top of Alva on the floor. Luckily Tanya is still out on the sidewalk or this would be yet another awkward moment to have to explain to the poor thing. Both guys grapple their way to the private office. Paul turns the knob and throws open the door to find Larry Kittredge sitting peacefully at his desk. He is relaxing, eyes closed, listening to classical music through the earphones of his portable CD player. The man is oblivious to the carnage happening all around him. Paul taps him on the shoulder and startles him from his quiet place.

Kittredge sees the smoke and flames engulfing the sales floor. Aghast he jumps to his feet. The boys encourage him to come back to the motel with them before the authorities shows up. Paul has had his share of run-in's with the law and the paranormal explanations never play well with the boys in blue. Considering the number of times Paul has been in custody you'd think he would have worked out a good schpeel. "Well officer, it's kinda hard to explain........" Hmmmm...Paul may be right. Scampering out the backdoor may be their best move.

As they enter the motel room Kittredge is rethinking his decision to leave with the SQ guys. Paul ignores his protests and assumes a take charge attitude. He offers Kittredge the desk chair and a glass of water. Seems accommodating enough, but it's all part of a grander plan. Kittredge gives the room the once over and spies the stack of security tapes. He becomes incensed at the fact that these are in their possession. Paul waves this off and sits on the edge of the bed for a heart-to-heart. Alva, sensing the onset of a touchy-feely moment, slinks away to a chair under the window.

Paul seems to have regained his momentum and begins to let 'er rip. He tells Kettredge that the way he has been handling the tragedy is dangerous - He has swallowed his grief and rage, but they are now manifesting themselves in these strange occurrences. Paul nods to Alva who jumps in with the clinical explanation of the poltergeist condition that exists at Kittredge Realty.

As Kittredge becomes more agitated the hospitable glass of water begins to rumble on the dresser. Paul & Alva's eyes dart to the glass and know this thing is about to take off. "Look out boys, he's gonna blow!!! " Paul takes a deep breath and presses on. He tells Kittredge that Kevin is dead and there is no ghost. Kittredge begins to tremble. His rage bubbles to the surface and things start flying in the room.
The water glass flies from the dresser and crashes into the wall beside Alva's head. Keel wisely takes his leave and scoots across the room out of the line of fire. Pictures crash from the walls - mirrors shatter under the sheer force of the energy erupting in the motel room. Paul's head whips wildly from left to right as he watches the results of Kittredges psychic connection. Unfortunately Paul bobs when he should have weaved and a table lamp smashes him in the right temple. Blood is gushing and Paul is down for the count. Well, looks like this mystery is almost wrapped up.

Larry Kettredge kneels next to Paul, apologizing for winging him with the lamp. Paul, ever the gracious one, whinces out a "no problem" as he blots the nasty gash with a bath towel. Kettredge now faces the reality that his son is gone. Paul encourages him to go mend his marriage. Calm has been restored in Lowell, NJ and Alva, once again, rummages through his briefcase for medical forms.

Questions to Ponder:
Is Alva just incredibly lucky or is Paul a magnet for injuries?

Do you think the office chaos went per the special effects plan or do you think some of the activity surprised the actors?