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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost - Installment 8

Alva gives Paul the once over, and Paul quickly acknowledges with "Don't ask......". Paul confirms that he has been up all night rummaging through dumpsters looking for the security tapes of the Kittredge office. No luck, but Paul remains unconvinced that there are none to be found.

While he was digging through the seamy side of life, Paul has had an opportunity to think about his own situation, as well as the Kittredge investigation. He asks Alva about his thoughts on a poltergeist type of experience - that a person, without even knowing it, can make things happen around them. Maybe everything that has happened to him - the whole Tommy Ferguson experience - has not been real. What if it's all in his head?

Apparently this way of thinking is fine for the Kittredge investigation, but not when it comes to Paul's own experiences. Alva shoots him a disgusted glance. "Well, that would be convenient, now wouldn't it?" (Man, breakfast is not Alva's best time of the day. He's snippier than usual on this subject. You'd think Paul just pooh-pooh'd his life's work. Oh wait, Paul IS his life's work). He chastises Paul for thinking such things. "That would let you off the hook"......................"You don't want to be singled out"................."be the lightening rod for God knows what".............................'You want to remain innocent"............................"Well guess what......no one is innocent". Alva's face contorts into a sadistic smirk - he hold his head down trying to contain his expression, but it's time to reveal the truth to poor Paul (Boooowaaaaaaahahahaha).

"Take a look around" Alva whispers, as the camera pans the crowded booths.

As Paul spins on his stool, an eerie wind blows through the diner. The whistle of the high prairie is all that is heard as Paul turns to see that the diner is now vacant, except for one lone patron. The man's back is to the counter, so Paul inches down from his stool and creeps toward the far booth.

As he reaches for the man's shoulder, a flashing vision of a monstrous Tommy appears asking "What happens when you die?" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! - The diner patron turns to face Paul. It's actually Paul - all covered in blood - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! - And another flashing vision of the mysterious ghoulish guy from previous episodes - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Paul awakens to the sound of someone pounding on the door. Oh man, it's a dream sequence - or is it? Paul glances around the motel room, rather relieved to be there. He stumbles to the door and opens it to find Tanya, the very attractive, yet maybe too young for me, blonde.

Once again, Paul's motel room number seems to be the common knowledge of every female in town. Tanya is dressed for work in a fetching outfit and clutching a black trash bag. Not the accessory I would have gone with, but she is making it work for her. Paul looks a little dazed and confused. Tanya's eyes glide down his body as she asks if she woke him. At this point the viewer can only see Paul's white t-shirt, so we're curious as to whether he has on any pants.......

Paul indicates that they were just getting up and invites her in. Alva sits up in bed to reveal a pair of black silk pajamas. Tanya's eyes begin to dart back and forth from Paul to Alva as she assesses the scope of their relationship. Her gay radar has been activated and she frantically scans the room for any other evidence to confirm or deny their relationship. Paul seems oblivious to any ill-conceived appearance.

Tanya indicates that the bag is filled with the security tapes that Mr. Kittredge threw out the previous day. It's obvious that she cares very much for Kevin's father and beseeches the guys to help him if they can. Paul acknowledges that she has done the right thing. Tanya sneaks another peek at Alva's luxurious jammies. There's a special little twinkle in her eye. And grumpy old Alva responds with a warm smile.

At first I thought it was the embarrassment of being caught in his PJs, or maybe the incorrect suggestion of his sexuality. But then, I remembered the "virgin" inquiry, and the fact that Alva didn't seem interested in putting it in the report. OK, having had a momentary vision of a lecherous Alva chasing Tanya around her desk, I opted to move on.....quickly!!

Paul dumps the tapes out on the bed and begins his next round of research. In between scans Paul has managed to shower and is dressing for the day. Alva returns from his coffee run, clutching several javas and a bag of corn muffins. He hands a large cup to Paul, but Paul sets it aside, fixated on the TV screen. (As far as I can tell this man has not had caffeine for 3 days. He is truly a man of steel). Alva complains a bit about having to watch the tapes again, suggesting that Paul has wasted enough time on the Kittredge events. Paul ignores him because there is something more fascinating happening on the TV. The mystery has just revealed itself and Paul announces "There is no ghost!"

Question to Ponder:

Was Paul's dream really just a dream?

How do you think Paul reacted when he saw Alva in those black silk PJs?