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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost - Installment 6

Mrs. Kittridge opens up to Paul about the night that her teenage son, Kevin, died......They were getting ready to sit down to dinner. Report cards had been distributed and Kevin's was not a stellar showing. A "C" in history due to a lost text book and an "F" in horticulture due to an unfortunate corn field flambé.

Paul's eyes sparkle as she describes the crops......he begins to ask about the weather, but hesitates, allowing her to continue her recollections unimpeded.

Kevin is a goofy, smart alecky kind of kid, but with a sweetness about him. He's quick on his feet, offering clever comebacks to the report card grilling. The fact that he avoids "I dunno" and "mute shrugs" as responses make him stand out among his peer group. He appears to be sharp, perhaps smart, but certainly not motivated in an academic sense. A slacker by any other name.

It's apparent that he has a good rapport with his parents and they adore him. I must admit to a distraction at this point in the story. I kept thinking of Tanya and Kevin - an unlikely couple in my book..................was she also taking horticulture? And what were they smoking in that corn field when it went up in flames?

The family sits down to dinner. An adequate amount of scolding is dished out along with the pork chops and sweet potatoes. Kevin continues to rub his neck and complains of stiffness.

His mother lovingly feels his forehead and determines that he's warm. Kevin shrugs off her concerns and says that he is headed off to bed. He'll take some aspirin and he'll be fine. As he makes his way up the stairs, the Kittridge's huddle at the table. They enjoy a good-hearted snicker over the explanations they tried so hard to take seriously in the presence of their son.

Mrs. Kittridge's eyes are filled with tears as she recalls that Kevin passed away some time that night of bacterial meningitis. Paul is moved by her story, but is able to offer little counsel to this grieving mother. She mentions that since Kevin's death her husband has been completely consumed by his work, while she has barely been able to function. The relationship has been so strained in fact that she is leaving him. She has already made plans to go stay with her sister. This announcement surprizes Paul and he realizes there is more at stake here than just a ghost.............

In no hurry to go back to the "Motel from Hell," Paul swings by Kittridge Realty. He raps on the door. There is no answer, but he finds the office to be unlocked. He steps inside. A few desk lamps burn on the darkened sales floor, allowing Paul to navigate his way through the space. He listens momentarily in front of Mr. Kittridge's private office. Hearing nothing, he slowly turns the knob. The door swings open to reveal an empty office, void of furniture or personal affects.

Paul is completely bewildered by what may have happened here, when suddenly a rubber band drops at his feet. He reaches down for it as he glances up to see where it came from..........................that's when he sees it...............................Kittridge's entire office is suspended from the ceiling. What?????

Now I'm looking for a show of hands here..............You sneak into an darkened office at night - in a strange town - you haven't slept in 2 days and you find an entire office stuck to the ceiling.........Who would run screaming from the building like a little girl? (My hand is up) Ah, but not our Paul - this purveyor of all things paranormal simply strolls over to the inverted pencil jar and slips out a Yellow #2. He is examining it closely when he is startled by the return of Larry Kittridge, who looks equally shocked to see Paul Callan.

"I can explain this....................." Kittridge confesses.

Oh really.......................................

Questions to Ponder:
How does Paul manage to stay alert for this long? I've yet to see a single Starbuck's cup in this episode...............

Mr. Kittridge seems to accept Kevin's lack of focus on his studies. Do you think he really envisioned Kevin taking over the family biz?