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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost - Installment 5

With his new found knowledge of Kevin Kittridge's untimely death, Paul hot-foots it across town to the Kittridge home. Paul eagerly raps on the door hoping to speak to Mrs. Kittridge and get her perspective on the strange occurrences.

Paul explains that he has been working with her husband down at the Realty office. She naturally assumes that he is in the market for a house. Things get kind of balled up from here as Paul tries, without much success, to correct things by explaining what SQ is all about……….

You'd think that Alva, Evie and Paul would have practiced this drill numerous times - it's not like they don't have to explain to someone every time they dispatch. Paul stumbles mightily here. As he stammers out his explanation Mrs. Kittridge develops a very worried expression, mentally assessing at what point she can get this wacko off of her porch. Paul's innocence, the preppy attire and mesmerizing good looks have certainly bought him a few extra moments.

Unfortunately, he squanders them by suggesting that Kevin may be the unusual force at work down at her husband's office. Kaboom! The door is slammed in Paul's face. And that, my boy, is what they call rejection.

Paul returns to the motel to lick his wounds. Alva, having commandeered the table as well, is busy typing up his assessment of the Kittridge phenomena. Interesting to note that Paul's investigation has just begun and Alva is already working on the wrap up. Apparently Alva has already ruled out the paranormal and is ready to move on.

Sleep deprivation may have gotten the best of Paul here. His diner humiliation and porch rejection have made him just a little testy. Now that his urgent "virgin" mission is complete, he questions Alva about the his earlier inquiries back at the real estate office. What's with the cinnamon and blue & yellow lights? Alva explains that these would be symptoms of someone with a temporal lobe tumor that can sometimes mimic a paranormal occurrence. His tone and gestures imply a superior attitude, like "doesn't everyone know this stuff"? Oh, this mystery had better get unraveled soon or there is going to be a nasty slap fight in this motel room. Alva may ultimately win, but our Paul is quite the little scrapper.

Just when you think Paul is going to lose it with Alva, the phone rings. It's Mrs. Kittridge. She's had a chance to commune with Frannie down at the office. Paul is invited over and she'll be happy to share if he thinks he can tell her something about Kevin. Considering Paul's annoyance with Alva, and his current state of exhaustion, it wouldn't surprise me if he had scooped up the car keys and peeled out of the parking lot, leaving Alva with nothin' but the tail lights.

Sure enough, Paul arrives that evening at the Kittridge home unchaparoned. He and Mrs. Kittridge are conversing in a dimly lit living room. She confesses up front that she does not believe in ghosts and is not sure how she can possibly help.

Paul indicates he doesn't know much about it either. (Oh geez Paul - don't screw this up AGAIN!) He starts to tell the story of how Tommy saved his life in the train accident. A touching and amazing story to those of us who have long suffered with Paul. Unfortunately the details that he's bringing forth have little correlation to what is going on down at Kittridge Realty. (I'm beginning to think that Evie grounds Paul by laying out the direction for the investigation - someone get her on the cell phone - Quick!! ) Jay Leno has completed his monologue and Mrs. Kittridge has dozed off on the sofa by the time Paul finally gets around to why this is of interest................

Questions to Ponder:
Why is Alva so disengaged? He's barking out orders, but doesn't seem interested in the results.......
How would Evie have explained the purpose of SQ if she were on the porch with Paul?