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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost (Installment 3)

When they arrive in Lowell, NJ, Alva rents a Lexus, perhaps as an apology to Paul for being so testy on the bus and they meet Ms. Franny Goldfarb outside the Hill Ridge Realty office. Franny has requested the services of SQ and she, a male employee, and the receptionist (Tanya) each describe all that they’ve seen as evidence of the realty office being haunted.

Mr. Kittrich comes in and taking Alva and Paul into his office, he dismisses everything that the other employees have reported.

Although they seem doubtful that all three employees could be mistaken, Alva & Paul are not in a position to prove Mr. Kittrich wrong so they turn and leave. After the boys depart, the stapler “walks” across the desk and the globe starts spinning – Mr. Kittrich tells "the objects" to stop – “We have a big problem here…” he says.

Perhaps Paul shouldn’t be the only one worried about his sanity! Is Kittrich really talking to the objects? Stay tuned to find out!


So, what do you think of Alva's look in the picture above - hair is kind of loose and fluffy and a bit of a 5 o'clock shadow going - sexy or sloppy?


Can't figure out why Paul doesn't leave his bag in the car when they visit the real estate office.