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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost - Installment 10/Final

Alva was skunked on any new information to impact his "big picture" research, but Paul has been successful in helping a grieving father come to grips with his tragic loss. Larry Kettredge has bid them farewell, going back to his office to reconcile with his wife, Meg. Thank goodness Frannie and Paul have prepped her on the ghostly occurrences that were actually experienced down at the realty office. This no doubt has saved Meg from committing Larry when he explained the whole inverted office furniture episode.

The motel manager has shown up to assess the damages. As Paul nurses his head wound, Alva does his best to offer some explanation for the destroyed room, finally acknowledging that some things simply can not be explained. The manager estimates the damages at $1,100. Alva peels off the required number of bills and hands them manager. Obviously annoyed at being gouged he looks over at Paul and snipes "this is why we take the bus". Paul nods in understanding, although the rocking motion makes his head hurt all the more. The manager marvels at the extent of the destruction, questioning whether they are part of a rock band. Alva considers the prospect and responds "Not currently………….". Hmmmmm………..plenty of visions race through my head.

Time passes and we find Paul back in Boston. He and Poppi stand in the sanctuary. It's a gorgeous church - more of a cathedral really - a huge stone facade with a beautiful stain glass window - rows and rows of carved dark walnut pews.

Poppi has requested Paul to come. Their relationship has been strained since Paul's decision to leave the church, choosing to explore similar occurrences in the secular arena. Paul is sporting a butterfly bandage across his forehead. He is obedient, but appears sullen, offering nothing without request. Poppi acknowledges the mood and asks Paul if his opinion matters. Paul lets his guard down a bit and indicates yes, Poppi's opinion is certainly of value.

Poppi delivers a moving speech about how he disagrees with Paul's decision, but will support him in spite of it. Although he has helped raise hundreds of children, there has never been another child that has meant more to him than Paul. Viewers eyes are welling up - the tissue boxes are being passed - it's another touching father/son moment - perfect casting.

Paul and Poppi embrace. Poppi examines Paul's nasty gash, encouraging him to duck more often. All is right with the world again. Well, at least until next week………………………