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Friday, September 02, 2005

St. Debbie (Installment 7)

And the final segment finds the gang in the hospital (of course, in how many episodes are they not in a hospital?). They all await word on Debbie's condition while Alva tries to relate once again to Paul as Paul's face reveals yet another round of wonderful expressions.

Danny frets that Debbie's condition is all his fault and vows to be a better brother when she gets better. Paul gives him a cute fist bop on the knee and tells him he's a great brother, but they gently warn Danny that Debbie will probably not pull through.

The surgeon walks in and Alva quickly designates himself the next of kin to receive the news - the doctor proclaims it a miracle, but Debbie will pull through. No one looks cuter than Paul when the doctor delivers the news.

Sadly, this is the last we see of Paul in this episode. Alva heads to Deborah's room and they share a tender moment that ends with Alva leaning in to kiss her, but chickening out and kissing her on the forehead. He gets a second chance and tries again and this time he makes it a good one - wait a minute, didn't she just have chest surgery and doesn't it hurt when he leans on her chest (and why does he still have that coat on?).

And Alva is back in the office where he gets a visitor - it's Father Poppi who comes by to see Alva. They seemed to have called a truce - Alva's getting a little action seems to have done wonders for his disposition -- and he and Poppi are off to get a drink together.

And they all live happily ever after...at least until the next episode, which will be coming to you soon!

Final questions for discussion:

For you, where does St. Debbie rank among the other Miracles episodes? Among the favorites (very favorite?), in the middle, among the least favorites (very least?)....can you say why it gets that ranking from you?

Kay had some issues with Paul's hair in some early comments - do we need to talk about the hair to help Kay work through this?