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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Miracles - The Ghost (Installment 2)

Paul and Poppi have parted ways on a less than cordial note. Along comes a sweaty Paul running through the park and to the carousel where Evie and Matty are waiting for him.

They are expecting Alva (he’s bringing their paychecks), but jump on the carousel while they wait.

Evie asks Paul what he’s running from - he hesitates and looks at her as if to ask, How did you know? Paul tells her he is sad to be letting Father Calaro down and Evie lends a sympathetic ear. Some shy exchanges of eye contact between the two, particularly for Paul. He makes an effort to be cheerful.

Alva brings us back to reality by waiting with the ever stern look on his face. He hands over the paychecks and tells Evie and Matty “toodle-oo” as they head to the next ride (worth re-watching the scene to catch the toodle-oo). He reports to Paul that he’s learned of the MRI from the insurance company and wants to know if Paul is all right.

He tells Paul that some head injuries can lead to complications that an MRI might not reveal – a case in point is a man in Germany who thought he could communicate with is dead wife after suffering a head injury. Paul assures Alva that he is fine (and as he says this it reminds you of Ray telling Livy that he’s fine when she tells him he ought to dance), but Alva has obviously planted some new concerns in Paul’s mind. So much for feeling relieved by the test results - thanks Alva!

Alva brightens when he tells Paul of a new case - a haunting in Lowell, New Jersey - and presents Paul with his bus ticket.

And the dynamic duo of SQ is off to investigate once again – traveling in Greyhound style as usual. Once on the bus and amidst the sounds of a screaming baby, Paul asks “Can’t we ever fly?” and Alva scolds him with “Money doesn’t grow on trees, does it?” I’d say Cranky with a capital C, Alva!

Questions to be pondered:
Now, why would Alva go and burst Paul's bubble about favorable test results? I just wanted to smack him when Paul told Alva that he was fine and Alva proceeds to tell him that MRIs don't show all brain changes. I wonder if Alva is chronically unhappy and doesn't really want others to be happy either. What do you think?

When Paul greets Evie by the carousel, he wonders how she managed to talk Alva into bring their paychecks to them at the park. She says that she waved her overtime, but I have not really been able to figure out why Evie wanted Alva to do that - any thoughts?