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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saint Debbie/Ep 10 - Installment 1

Time To Blow This Popcorn Stand
Our story begins at the Apple Tree Cafe - a nostalgic restaurant on the main street - Inside it's the social hub for this sleepy little hollow. Lots of tables bursting with anyone who's anybody in town, and a counter full of regulars sitting elbow to elbow on their lunch hour - just the kind of place that would know that a "turkey sandwich" means open-faced on white bread with a scoop of mashed potatoes, all slathered in gravy with a little white paper tub of cranberry sauce on the side.

Debbie, the hardest working waitress on the west coast, is making the rounds keeping the lunch rush satisfied. Her brother, Daniel, is the bus boy. From their conversation we gather that Daniel is a bit slow mentally and Debbie appears to be not only a loving sister, but his caretaker.

Just as we're ready to order up a plateful of chicken and a slice of that pie, a ski-masked hoodlum steps through the front door and demands money from the blue-haired cashier. An audible gasp is heard as the entire lunchroom freezes in disbelief that violent crime has come to their community.

Apparently all the cops in town are still over at the donut shop because no one, except hard working waitress Debbie, seems to know anything about thwarting crime. She stomps over to the cash register, but the would-be robber has no qualms about using his weapon. He proceeds to slice Debbie's throat, dropping her in a crumpled heap on the floor as he makes his speedy get-away.

Debbie lies on the floor gurgling as a few of the patrons approach to offer some assistance. Most simply hang back in horror of what they have just witnessed. As one woman dabs with a napkin at Debbie's throat she notices that there is no wound - NO WOUND! - oh my word, "It's a Miracle!!!!!!" (Hey, what a great idea for a series.................. )

Some time later, back in Boston at SQ headquarters, Alva is having some serious problems of his own. Paul has just popped into the office and begins his conversation with "We need to talk.......".

Anyone who's been in a relationship knows that no good conversation ever started with "We need to talk.......". Alva's experience is no different as Paul announces that he is leaving SQ - (WHAT!) - Paranormal pursuits are no longer for him - he's moving on.............

Alva is clearly shell shocked as Paul departs his office. Evie quickly ducks in to offer her sympathies, unfortunately she adds that she's leaving too and hightails it out of the office. Alva is devastated - his family.......broken. His team.....gone. His special research......squelched. He creeps close to his coveted sliding glass window and sneaks a peek at the outer office.

Much to his horror Paul and Evie are embracing - and not just the friendly "Good-bye - I'm really going to miss working with you" kind of hug - Nope, this is the full body contact, "Gee, we're going to have a fabulous time running naked on the beach in Cancun" type of hug!!! (I KNEW IT!!!!) They lean in for the kiss to seal the deal (excellent nose positioning by the way - not a HOF kiss, but one cleanly planted on the lips, neither high nor low, as so often is the case when SU does not steer with his hands - she has shrewdly wrapped both arms around his neck to keep him reined in tight) - The two look fabulous together!! Both giggle in delight that the secret is out and they are making their move.

The morning radio jars us back to reality as we find that this is all just a horrible nightmare for Alva. He's stretched out on his office sofa/bed surrounded by rather sparse furnishings - this window into Alva's private space speaks volumes about his submersion in his work. (The audience is relieved to learn that Alva does not sleep in Casper pajamas as was rumored during the series original run)

Although satisfied that this was all a bad dream, Alva is clearly disturbed by the event. A darkness has come over him and it's going to take more than a steaming cup of Earl Grey to shake this funk.

Questions to Ponder:

So, you're a waitress in a distant diner and Paul Callan plops down in a booth..............what would he order? and what would he get?

Could Evie be Paul's dream gal?