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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Battle at Shadow Ridge - Final Wrap-Up

As The Battle at Shadow Ridge wraps up, we are taken back to Boston, above Andy's Quality Cleaners, to a lone light in the building, which we presume is Paul's apartment.

Paul has returned home with the picture of Henry's infantry unit, which he's framed and seems to be contemplating as it hangs on the wall.

It seems we've all agreed this week that Paul has been deeply moved not only by Henry Tucker's tragic death, but by other Civil War soldiers who gave their lives. I think we were all touched by Henry as well. As I looked at the picture above where Paul's reflection is seen in the glass of the photo of the infantry unit, I noted that this was the second time the superimposition technique was used in this episode. Earlier we saw as Paul was realizing that he now had a name to go with Henry's face, Henry was recording another entry in his journal.

While it may have been a transition technique, I have interpreted it to be representative of the overlap of time periods once again. I think that the people involved in producing this episode did a marvelous job. It makes me scratch my head wondering how it is that shows like Miracles sit in the archive room, while we are subjected to the likes of The Bachelorette and Fat Actress on television!

Enough of the editorial - feel free to offer any remaining thoughts you have, but now I must send you the transcript of another conversation between Angus and Skeet.

A: You're not off again are you?

S: Yes, I'm afraid I have no choice - after a week in PA with P&P5, I'm being transferred to AntEK's place to spend some time on Episode 9 - Mother's Daughter.

A: AntE who?

S: AntEK Angus, pay attention!

A: Sorry, a little hard to keep track of all these women, Skeet.

S: Tell me about it!

A: Still no chance of me tagging along?

S: Nope, the ladies tell me it's all Skeet, all the time.

A: Oh, bugger off then.....