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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Battle at Shadow Ridge - 6th Installment

Livingston Hall of Records
As they search the records, the Battle at Shadow Ridge is about to begin back at the site in the woods and the messenger and his horse approach. Henry dashes toward them only to discover that someone forgot that you are not supposed to shoot the messenger.

Henry despairs, but runs to join his fellow soldiers – as they battle Henry sees a red monster truck approaching him – the poor guy doesn’t know what the devil is going on, but we recognize the driver as the boyfriend/convenience store clerk who calls everyone “dude.” He’s delivering to Paul and Alva as many speakers as he could find.

Henry is fatally shot and as he lays dying, he sees a jet plane fly overhead. More bewilderment for Henry, but it is clear that the overlap between the two time periods is really growing.

Meanwhile, Paul inserts a cassette tape into the monster truck’s stereo and we hear Paul’s voice projected throughout the area, “Henry Tucker, your wife Isabella and your son William live on. William will grow up to be a newspaper man and raise three children of his own.” – it plays over and over.

Paul worries to Alva that the plan isn't going to work.

Henry initially hears Paul's muffled voice, but it gradually becomes clearer. Henry gradually hears the message just before he dies -- we know that his spirit is set free because the ghost lights fill the sky and amaze everyone. Paul determines that they are the ghosts of the civil war dead.

Questions to discuss:

Do you remember another episode of Miracles where "outsiders" embrace the SQ gang and their efforts to the extent that some of the folks at Shadow Ridge do? Any thoughts on why this one might be different?

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