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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Battle at Shadow Ridge - 3rd Installment

We pick up with our boys having almost been run over by ATVs as they circle the woods at night. Paul thinks that the lights from the ATVs explain the reported ghost lights. Alva introduces himself to the ATV drivers as a former Harvard professor interested in paranormal occurrences. Paul seems a bit embarrassed by Alva’s “openness.” ATV girl refers Paul and Alva to Circle Mart, a convenience store across the highway where her boyfriend works and claims to have heard “creepy things.” (Little does she know that these two are all about creepy things!) As they look to where she’s pointing, they see a highway that hadn’t been there a few minutes earlier. So they head over to Circle Mart where the boyfriend sets them up in Aisle 3 and tells them to “just wait.” So, wait on their red pails they do.

Their patience is rewarded as they hear some horses that seem to be in the beer case! Alva whips out his little voice recorder and holds it as though it smells like a horse. They hear sounds of human voices as well.

Boyfriend decides to goof on the voices and calls for a clean up on Aisle 3 over the loudspeaker. One of the mysterious voices responds with “Show yo-self! Show yo-self!” (you need to be hearing this with a Southern accent). Paul and Alva realize that whoever it is they are hearing also hears them. And we see the poor civil war soldier, Henry, among his comrades who are laughing at him, thinking he is losing his mind as he calls out to seemingly invisible voices. As Henry consoles himself by writing in his journal, we learn that he left behind a pregnant wife and he is desperate to learn of her well-being amidst reports of typhoid back home. He then sees the fluorescent circle light that symbolizes Circle Mart.

Meanwhile, back at the Circle Mart, Paul busies himself by shaking a coffee can and listening to it (what’s up with that?). Alva has a revelation that they’ve entered a “time slip.” Paul gives Alva "the look." Boyfriend’s response is “Dude, is that possible?” They all get an answer when they hear the horses in the beer case again!

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Does Alva introduce himself as a former Harvard professor to make himself more credible to others or is he just downright boastful?

Is Paul embarrassed because Alva sounds boastful or is he embarrassed to have people know that he himself wears the “paranormal pants”?

Why does Paul shake that coffee can? Is he just bored or does it connect to something?