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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Battle at Shadow Ridge - 2nd Installment

Upon arriving in Virginia, Paul and Alva commence a nightly surveillance for the reported ghost lights -- it’s hot there (103 degrees at night) and the boys seem to be getting frustrated and a little testy with each other when they are approached by the local sheriff who tips them off to a Jacobson family in nearby Shadow Valley. The Jacobson kids, Gus and Renatta, reported that they were almost “shot by a ghost.” That tidbit is just too good for our paranormal boys to pass up!

So, it’s off to Shadow Valley for Paul and Alva where they meet the kids’ mom, a cute, perky blonde named Jenny. It turns out the ghost was a soldier ghost – a civil war soldier in particular. Jenny says the police passed it off as a re-enactor – our boys aren’t buying it though. Paul, of course, bonds with the kids and charms their mother at the same time (she's a perky blonde with a keen eye for a sexy guy) while Alva impatiently looks at his watch. He obviously has no time for this warm fuzzy stuff – there are ghosts to be investigated! Paul soothes the kids’ fears as he reminisces about the smell of his own “blankie.” As Paul ties little Gus’ shoe, he notices a spot of blood on the boy’s shoe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

As our boys leave the family’s house, we are treated to a stretch of Paul/Skeet’s long, lanky walk. The white sneakers with the brown pants really seem to be a fashion faux pas though – could it be that we’ll see a reason for this fashion mistake later?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We next see the boys wandering around at night again, following the shortcut taken by Gus and Renatta when they encountered the soldier ghost. They find themselves going around in circles and when they hear a strange sound, they are approached by a couple of ATVs and we are about to meet a couple of the episode’s best characters!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh, and don't you just want to say, "Ring, ring, ring!" when you look at the picture above?

Questions for you, dear readers:

Paul and Alva seem to stay up all night – what do you imagine they do during the day besides catch some sleep in a crummy motel ? (and yes, it's okay to let your imagination go)

The explanation of the “ghost” being a civil war re-enactor seems a plausible one, particularly in an area that was known to be a civil war battle site. Why the stubborn refusal on Alva and Paul’s part to believe it?