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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Miracles - Ep 7 - Installment 7/Final

Who did what to who?

It wouldn't be an episode of Miracles if one of the SQ gang wasn't in need of medical attention. Alva rings for the paramedics as poor Paul sits, rather disoriented, in the living room. Evie, still a vision of loveliness despite her ghastly ordeal, rushes to his side and begins to mop his wounds. (Here is yet another clue that Evie has a romantic interest in Paul. If it were merely brotherly love, she would have him by his shirt collar screaming "Where is the liquor? )

Rebecca has returned to the kitchen, apparently hell bent on frying chicken. She stands close to the pot of boiling oil, but doesn't reach to turn if off. Instead she is fixated on the concern and devotion that Evie is heaping on Paul. As she does, we experience a series of flashbacks to the Spenser era. The iceman and his mistress are dancing in the living room. Mrs. Spenser has had quite enough of this whole affair. She approaches the couple and throws a pot of boiling liquid over them both. Very methodically she drags their limp bodies to the basement and proceeds to brick them in behind a wall. Quite a resourceful little woman! Mystery solved? Not yet...........

Rebecca, still possessed by the spirit of Mrs. Spenser, views Paul and Evie with hatred and disgust. She creeps over to them, oven mitts clenching the enormous pot of boiling oil.

Evie glances up in time to realize that this woman is not done trying to ruin her day. She screams out just as Alva pops through the front door. Thanks to Rebecca's gimpy leg, Alva is able to spin her off-balance and toss the boiling oil toward the kitchen instead. Whoooosh!! Right onto the gas stove's open flame. The next thing ya know, the entire kitchen is engulfed in flames. There is an artsy moment where Rebecca's "Trophy Men" photo album melts in the flames, thus signifying the end of her hoochie ways, and Paul's release from his bonds of insecurity.

Everyone scrambles safely outside as they watch the house burn (Betcha Rebecca doesn't get her cleaning deposit back). All are now free of any supernatural possession, and seem to share the same "What the #$%& just happened in there?" expression.

Let's see:
Rebecca (woman of questionable morals) gets knocked down the cellar stairs..........by the ice man? by Mrs. Spenser?
Paul (after sleeping with Rebecca) becomes possessed and acts out his jealous rage......inspired by the ice man? by Mrs. Spenser?
Rebecca (after seeing the dead bodies) becomes possessed and acts out her revenge.....motivated by Mrs. Spenser?
Evie and Alva completely unaffected by any of the spirits shifting about?
The mistress? Apparently guiltless, or without a soul?

Questions to ponder indeed, but we're beyond the last commercial break and time to move this story along....................

Paul and Rebecca are parked outside the police station saying their good-byes. Rebecca acknowledges that she intends to change her ways and asks Paul if they had met under different circumstances, would he feel differently about her? Paul considers her questions and determines "Yes, I would want to run....run away very, very fast". Kindly, he responds "I'd like to think so...."

He makes his break for it and hops out of the truck. As he turns to go, Rebecca calls to him and confesses that she really did love him. Paul looks at her, but says nothing. Obviously making a mental note to change his cell phone number.

Paul arrives back in Boston and makes his apologies. All is forgiven, and that Evie looks more seductive than ever. All agree that it could be worse, they could all be dead. But alas, Paul does not have it in him to kill. Well, at least not Alva.

As she scoots out of Alva's office, Evie can't help getting in one last dig. She scolds Paul, "I told you not to sleep with her!" Paul reddens with embarassment and is completely lost for words. Alva makes no attempt to stifle his smirk.

The scene fades as Skeet and Angus converse - using MUTE I was able to make out their conversation on the Closed Caption:

A: So, I understand you've been collaborating with the TMoODers on the Miracles recaps.......
S: Yes. Great bunch of people. That SF does an unbelievable job. At first I thought it would be weird, being passed around for each episode, but I've come to really enjoy it. For the last few weeks I was down on the Gulf of Mexico with jecorbin, but now I'm headed up to spend some time with P&P5 on Episode 8.
A: Any chance that I can get in on this action?
S: Uh, no... None at all...... In fact I'm pretty sure they just want me.
A: Oh, bloody hell...........