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Monday, July 25, 2005

Miracles - Ep 7 - Installment 6

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!
Evie and Rebecca have been sequestered down in the cold, eerie cellar. Now it's just a matter of waiting for Alva to walk into his dastardly trap. "Possessed Paul" wiles away the afternoon drinking and amusing himself singing "You Are My Sunshine". ("Little Anthony and the Imperials - Goin' Out of My Head" came to mind as a more appropriate selection, but it is ghoul's choice)

As the sun begins to set, Alva warily approaches the cabin. He assesses the boarded-up windows and senses that an evil force is still at work here. Paul opens the front door to greet him, and Alva's suspicions are confirmed. Paul is puffing a cigarette and swigging from his bottle of booze. Being the possessed gentleman that he is, Paul offers to take Alva's coat. He hands it over. Paul tosses it over his shoulder and onto the floor. Most people would have opted for the coat rack, but Alva wisely says nothing about Paul's flippant behavior - he's clearly picking his battles.

Alva tries to encourage Paul to release Evie and Rebecca from their basement prison, but the suggestion only infuriates Paul. He lobs the first salvo in the battle that has been a long time coming. He makes it clear that he is controlling the situation now because Alva withheld files with information about him. He claims that Alva is jealous - he can't stand the fact that Paul has seen God's name written in his own blood. He continues to taunt Alva about other vital research, but lands a low blow when he hisses that "all Alva got was a little tape from his dead mother saying Alva, Alva"........ Well, this is the paranormal equivalent of saying "your mother wears combat boots" and Alva can simply take no more. He sucker punches Paul in the stomach and springs on him when he doubles over. Paul has been looking for this fight and he's back up swinging. Weeks and weeks of silent treatment are bubbling to the surface. Alva, displaying a fighting style cultivated on the rugby field, has the upper hand as he literally mops the kitchen floor with his opponent. He continuously bangs Paul's head into the oven door, while an unnoticed pot of boiling oil balances precariously on a front burner.

Paul desperately grapples about the floor for an advantage. He finds the iron ice hook and swings wildly at Alva's head. Contact stuns his adversary, allowing Paul to get to his feet. He staggers toward Alva, slicing the air with the huge hook. Alva bobs and weaves, but is loosing momentum. Alva stumbles back, leaving Paul a clear shot to finish him off with a single sweep of the hook. Alva begs for Paul's mercy and there appears to be an inner struggle within Paul.

This moment of hesitation allows Alva the opportunity to grab the glass fruit bowl and smash it against Paul's head, rendering him dazed and confused, but apparently "all Paul".

Meanwhile down in the dungeon, the girls are getting reacquainted. Rebecca is perplexed over what has happened to the meek, accommodating Paul she used to manipulate so easily. Evie, still winded from her street fight with "Possessed Paul", glares at her. Not only is she stuck in the basement with the poster girl for narcissism, but now she's expected to deliver "Supernatural Occurrences 101". With a deep sigh she indicates that Paul is special and susceptible to this type of freakish activity. She encourages Rebecca to help her check out the basement for an escape route. Rebecca grabs the flashlight and dogs along behind.

Evie quickly locates a new wall of brick, and as luck would have it, the tools needed to tear it down are located nearby. With all the skill of an archeologist, Evie has isolated an old hinged door. Faster than a 30 minute home improvement show, Evie has demo'd the entire wall. Rebecca is starting to whine, complaining that it's cold, and it smells, and there's something just not right about this place. Evie shows great restraint in not strutting over and slapping her. Evie elects to go it alone and swings open the hatched door. ACHIWAHWAH!! There's two mummified bodies buried behind the small hatch. Evie, clearly horrified, turns to flee the tomb, but Rebecca has different thoughts and slams the door shut, leaving Evie in total darkness with the corpses.

Evie looks pretty disgusted by the whole experience and Rebecca would be wise to steer clear of this hot, little Latina when she finally gets free. In Rebecca's defense she does appear to have been possessed by the spirit of old Mrs. Spenser, the home's former owner. (Sure hope she has a chance to explain herself before Evie starts swinging.)

After some period of time Alva makes his way down to the basement to free the girls. When he finally rescues Evie, they surmise that Mr. Spenser (aka the ice man) and his mistress are the designated dead bodies. The exposure of this secret seems to shift the spirit winds in the house, and they quickly scoot upstairs to sort it all out. Evie, annoyed and exhausted, hopes that Paul did not polish off that bottle of "Old Granddad".

Questions to Ponder:

At what point do you think Paul was freed from the ghoul's grip?

Why did the spirit choose to inhabit Rebecca?