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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Miracles Ep 7 - Installment 5

Just Put It Down in the Basement
"Possessed Paul" explodes at Rebecca's latest act of deceit, accusing her of lusting after Alva. His accusations are spiced with references to her previous indiscretion with the Russian photographer. But rather than continue to berate her, Paul elects to eliminate the object of her affection. He seems quite satisfied with this wicked brainstorm, since it also serves to reconcile his own issues with Alva's failure to share information. Paul discards Rebecca in the cellar and goes about hatching his retaliation plan. (Mmmmmm.......seems like we've come full circle............didn't we find her in the cellar?)

Alva has spent his morning tracking down the back story on Rebecca's cabin - he locates the leasing agent at an open house on the other side of the county. At first she dismisses him since the property in question has already been unloaded on some unsuspecting sucker. Alva, not to be rebuffed, whips out his British charm and soon has her spilling the family secrets like a giddy school girl. There does seem to be a bit of flirtation between these two, but there's no evidence that the interrogation led to anyone being "frisked". (Surely Alva must have his share of women wanting to get into his paranormal pants - check his contract - there's probably a clause).

Evie apparently has exceeded her monthly minutes on the SQ calling plan, as she is relegated to using the pay telephone. She finally reaches Alva on his cell and sounds a little annoyed that she's been cooling her heels at the police station for more than 30 minutes! (I knew that real estate agent looked frisky) Alva reports that he's on his way and will be there just as soon as he can. Both are now aware that the previous tenant died suspiciously in that house! Evie hangs up and turns to find Paul's frame consuming the opening of the telephone booth. He's wild-eyed and desperately begging for her help - Rebecca's gone crazy and she's ranting about them both being guilty of unforgivable acts!!

"Possessed Paul" cleans up real nice, so Evie has no immediate clues that he's still under the influence of evil (or "Old Granddad"). Evie rings up Alva, and arranges for him to meet them back at the cabin. Paul's eyes narrow with dastardly delight as his murderous plan is put in motion.

As Evie and Paul race for the cabin door, she observes the planks nailed over all the windows. Paul begins to ramble on about how Rebecca has been unfaithful and it's necessary to keep her secured. Evie's pace slows as she realizes that she's been duped. Dang that Paul and his gorgeous brown eyes!!!!
Once inside Evie hears Rebecca's screams from the basement. Rebecca is banging franticly on the locked door, but Paul has pressed his body against it. Rebecca is incensed, screaming that Paul is crazy and he's returning the compliments. This tirade creates some of the most believable interaction between the couple. The sheer force of her pounding has Paul's body vibrating, as his head rocks back and forth. (I made a mental note to see if Skeet bobble-head dolls are available on EBay)

Rebecca isn't the only angry one though. Evie can't believe she fell for "Pathological Paul's" impersonation of a normal person. She takes a deep breath and launches into police hostage negotiation mode. Unfortunately, Paul finds this "Officer Santos" personae extremely alluring and affectionately reaches for her. There's a moment of hesitation as Evie envisions "his long, lean body hand-cuffed to the bedpost as she has her way with the provocative perp". She grits her teeth in disbelief. How could she fall for those big brown eyes again??

Before he can make another move she decides to kick butt. In no time she has him on the ground, but her over-confidence leaves her vulnerable, and soon Paul gains the upper hand. He shoves her into the basement with Rebecca and smacks the door victoriously. Two down, one to go!!

Questions to Ponder:

How did Paul know to find Evie at the police station?

Does "Possessed Paul's" attraction to Officer Santos reveal that Paul has the hots for Evie?