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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Miracles Ep 7 - Installment 4

Bam! Let's Kick It Up a Notch
Evie and Alva have just departed. Paul is contemplating his next move......

Rebecca is in the background, nervously babbling about Paul's wonderful friends. To think that they would come all the way to NY just to make sure he was OK. (Yes Rebecca, if you weren't such a selfish twit you might have real friends that would give a rip about you too) But Paul is brooding and only recalls the affectionate little shoulder squeeze Alva gave Rebecca on his way out. Paul pivots and shrewdly approaches Rebecca with out-stretched arms, indicating he is sorry. It's a disarming gesture and Rebecca is caught off guard by the return of his familiar conciliatory manner. As he moves in closer Paul continues, "Sorry I didn't do this........" then BAM! He smacks her open-handed right across her face!! MAN, OH MAN Who saw that coming?? "Possessed Paul" has just ratcheted this tortured relationship to the next level. PSYCHO SKEET is back!!!!

The force of the blow sends Rebecca reeling and she hits the ground hard with a thud. She tries to scramble backwards to get out of his line of fire, clearly shaken by Paul's new level of aggression. She's beginning to grasp that he has unresolved issues with their previous relationship. Paul squats down close to her face and makes reference to her promiscuity. It's not certain if he's flashing back to some specific event in their relationship or if the ghoulish possessor is working through some booty call issues of their own. Either way, Rebecca is about to pay an awful price for her hedonistic lifestyle.

"Paranoid Paul" launches into a campaign to insure that Rebecca is never tempted by another man again. He starts by ripping out the wall phone (I'd love to see the out-takes for that one) and ambles off to make other preparations. Rebecca is still crumpled in the middle of the floor, eyes wide as she watches Paul advance his reign of terror. Unfortunately, her choice of outfits becomes a complete distraction for the audience. She's sporting an attractive cream colored sweater, but has paired it with a flouncy black skirt and a Mary Jane-like shoe that makes her good foot look enormous! Rebecca is not a delicate gal and this particular styling just makes her look like some perverse school girl (and not in a good way).

We find Paul out on the front porch covering up the windows with planks. His construction skills clearly paying off as he makes quick work of securing their abode. As the camera pans back we see that Paul has taken the added precaution of tying Rebecca to the furniture while he is out and about. Obviously distraught, Rebecca is gnawing the ropes like a coyote, but to no avail. Never, never mess with a Boy Scout!

After some time Paul and Rebecca are found in the kitchen. Paul is back to guzzling "Old Granddad" and Rebecca is at the stove dumping a galloon jug of cooking oil into the community pot.

Paul sashays over and snuggles up close. He's obviously had a snoot-full. He seems filthier with each passing hour, and yet, on some primal level, still very attractive - some things you just can't smother. As he nuzzles closer to Rebecca, he whispers that she looks good. Obviously this is the ghoul talking because Paul certainly has a much better sense of fashion. Rebecca is rapidly assessing her options, trying to play this exchange to her advantage.

She offers to cook fried chicken and the thought of a Sunday supper favorite seems to put "plastered Paul" in a good mood. He taunts her by hanging the keys to her escape high on a nail, just out of reach, then swaggers off to the living room to scratch and catch the football game.

After what she determines to be a safe period, Rebecca grapples her way up to the suspended keys. She's frantically trying them in the door lock as her captor appears in the background with a menacing little smirk - Rebecca's horror level rises as he slowly reaches toward her, scraping the coveted skeleton key hard along the wallboard.

Rebecca begins to quiver. She knows she has violated this fragile trust and once again has been proven unworthy. You're so right, my dear. Paulie is NOT happy.

Questions to Ponder:
How much did Rebecca share with Evie and Alva about the events of the previous 2 days?
Is the paranoia all Paul's or is the ghoul also working out their issues of infidelity?