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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Miracles Ep 7 - Installment 2

Afternoon Delight.........................?

Although evil lurks all around, the night passes without incidence - Rebecca is up and dressed - for someone who complained that it took 20 minutes to brush her teeth in her injured condition, she must have spent the entire morning wiggling into this complicated ensemble. Paul ambles down the hall in all his rumpled, "just slept", glory - viewers take pause - there is an angelic glow that surrounds this vision of manliness - no wait, that's just in my head - sorry.

Anyway, it's well past noon and Paul has managed to sleep the morning away, but now he's refreshed and ready to seize the day. He offers Rebecca her crutches and insists that she practice getting around.

They share a little light banter, apparently trying to build some sexual tension. It may not be evident for the Paul-Rebecca pairing, but it does seem to be working for the rest of us. Who is this "playful Paul"? Our seminary boy is acting outright frisky!! Before we know it Rebecca has stumbled into an awkward closeness of Paul's embrace, but this time Paul offers no resistance - the two are quickly lip locked and not looking to come up for air any time soon.

Holy Moly! Paul's hands are everywhere - they're pawing and clawing at each other with the passion of two teenagers at a drive-in movie - we're certain that "priestly Paul" will surface soon, but the clothes are flying off with the ferocity of a category 4 hurricane - Rebecca has cranked her womanly ways into high gear - they flop back on the bed - Paul scrambles up on top of her and it's obvious that "procreating Paul" is now in charge!! I had a little trouble with the DVD here - first, I accidentally hit the rewind - 17 times - then I got it stuck on slow-mo - then I smoked a cigarette. Now THAT'S "Must See TV" !!!

We see the two rolling around under the sheets, but something is not right about this - as he pivots toward the screen we realize it's the ghoul in bed Rebecca!! What? Paul appears in the bedroom watching the two lovers, then "poof" it's all a dream!! (Or is it?)

Paul awakens with a start in the bed with Rebecca - (oh nuts, same problem with my DVD rewind)

Paul confesses his dream - Rebecca tries to blow off his jealousies, but it's apparent that this is a sensitive subject for these two. Rebecca leans in close and chides Paul about smelling like cigarette smoke - she needles him about his "secret smoking" habits, but Paul is in a dark mood. He denies all and stomps off to the bathroom in a huff.

Safe in the sanctity of the throneroom, Paul tries to get a grip on his emotions. In less than 24 hours he's hopped back into the sack with the very woman who "ripped out his heart and stomped that sucker flat" - Has he lost all control? What has become of his principles? Why would he venture down this path again? Paul is clearly tormented and his audience is clearly aroused - Rarrrrrrrr - that Paul is sure a cutie!! And judging by the hair, quite an athlete too!!

Paul swings the medicine chest closed and jumps back with a startled shiver as another ghoul makes her presence known!!!!!!!!!!

Questions to Ponder:
Has an evil force taken possession of Paul or is he in control of his actions?

Does the ghoulish woman see Paul as her abusive husband?