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Friday, July 15, 2005

Miracles Ep 7 - Installment 1

It's Rebecca, coming around again like a bad penny........
Just another slow day around SQ Central - the boys are still showing up for work, but have mastered the art of the "cold shoulder". Each seems quite proud of how long they have managed to keep up this snit - apparently Alva tried to shelter Paul from hemography info and Paul is holding back research details in retaliation. Evie does her level best to get them to make-up, but there's still some fuel left in their slow burn. Paul's cell phone beckons and he answers the call that will send him reeling..................

It's a hospital in Saugerties, NY calling about some gal named Rebecca Webb. Apparently she and Paul were close enough that his cell phone is on her emergency contact card. Uh oh! There's that moment of hesitation before Paul responds, and that slight change in his posture that signals "TROLLIP ALERT!!". WHAT!?! Who is woman? And why didn't I think to update my emergency contact card with some hottie guy's info (Note to Self: Run down Skeet's personal cell# & notify HMO).

Good Samaritan that he is, Paul decides to head up to New York. Evie gives Paul a lift AND a lecture, cautioning him not to sleep with Rebecca again. (Oh, that Evie knows him like the back of her hand). Paul is busy dancing around the whole idea of an intimate encounter, but the seed has been planted and the audience is primed. Paul confesses that he didn't like the kind of person he was when he was with Rebecca. Well, obviously something kept him hanging around. Oh, what a juicy little piece of Paul's past we're about to be treated to...............

We find ourselves in Rebecca's hospital room. Paul is sitting patiently at her bedside, but viewers are already confused. We grasp that Paul has a "past" and apparently has some "rodeo" experience, but THIS is the little heifer that he cut out of the herd? What could possibly have been the attraction?

Oh, never mind. Apparently, they WERE different people back then - enough said. Rebecca comes to, there's some quick chatter about old times, and the doctor arrives for a status check. Starts out innocently enough, but within minutes we see why this relationship ended up in the dumper. Rebecca is flirting up a storm with the doctor and Paul is looking more and more puckered as the exam continues.

But against our better judgment, Paul is soon volunteering to watch after Rebecca at her house way back up in the woods. They arrive home and get settled in. Rebecca seems quite content to have Paul waiting on her hand and foot. (This gal is going to be trouble) Paul demonstrates why he's so fond of take-out as he manages to slice open his finger, dripping blood all over the fresh produce. (Who cuts carrots one handed anyway?)

Lurking just outside the kitchen window is the creepy ghoul that is waiting to reek havoc on this little scene of domesticity. Amazingly Paul's radar does not pick up on this element lingering so close to him.

Not exactly sure what Paul came up with for dinner, but Rebecca had time to change into her jammies and migrate from the sofa to the bedroom. (Shameless tart) We find them snorking their "something-with-pasta" dinner on the bed. Rebecca fills him in on her desire to write a book about her many adventures. Paul reports that he attended seminary, but never took his vows. Rebecca seems aware of his interest in becoming a priest. (Oh to be a fly on the wall for that break-up fight! )

Rebecca hops off to the bathroom and Paul takes an opportunity to rifle through her mail. A picture of Rebecca with another man is found in the stack. Paul displays a bit of hesitation and we realize that this is just another in a string of Rebecca's conquests. Paul is looking pretty bent about this time, but Rebecca pops out of the bathroom all smiles and he quickly moves back into caretaker mode. A close call as Paul leans in to say goodnight, but he manages to get out of the bedroom with his celibacy intact.

Questions to Ponder:
Is Paul just a sucker for relationships that can't work?
Why didn't Paul react to the ghoulish presence?