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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ep 7-"You Are My Sunshine"Coming Up

Time to move on.......................

Jethro's gone and he's not coming back! I've replayed the events of "Into the West" in my head over and over - from Jethro's first appearance in the wheel shop to his drunken demise on the banks of the American River - Hanging on his every last minute of screen time I've tried to drown my sorrows with cheap whiskey - I've chewed and spit the recent days away searching for new direction. A quick check of IMDB confirms nothing new on the immediate horizon. Although I did enjoy every moment of Jethro Wheeler I must face the cold hard facts, I prefer my Skeet "fresh faced". Time to blow the dust off of those cherished DVDs and rejuvenate with Paul's boyish good looks!!

What, do you ask, could be better than Paul's sweetness and charm? - His innocence? - His unselfish devotion to others? Exactly, "PSYCHO SKEET" - Rarrrrrrrrr - Who can resist that kind of wild friskiness??

Toss your sluice box aside and join us Friday 7/15 for another Miracles episode discussion - coming up Episode #7 - "You Are My Sunshine" !!