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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

TMOOD/Skeet Ulrich Glossary & Acronym Guide

AFG – Absolutely F’n Gorgeous

ASATT – All Skeet, All The Time

ARRIVAL – orgasm

BIG JIM & THE TWINS – the family jewels

CHOCOLATE CAKE - Made for Ray by Mrs. Pratt. A common TMOODer food reference. Also see co'cola.

CO'COLA - Refers to a cold coca cola, beverage on hand at the Singleton farm.

FH – F’n HOT!

GEORGINA – Mrs. Skeet Ulrich, mother of his twins

HOFK – Hands On Face Kiss. Example, the TMOOD kiss that glued Livy to the floor. A preferred method of being kissed by many TMOOD members.

HONEST DAY'S WORK - See blog post of the same name. Refers to Ray & Livy getting it on, or anyone getting it on. As in: I could use some honest day's work right now...

LSWDK3D - Long, slow, wet, deep kisses that last 3 days (did I get that right, Kay?)

ITW – Into The West – TNT/Spielberg miniseries with Skeet and Keri Russell, due June 2005

MAY – Georgina’s middle name, tattooed onto the beautiful Skeet

MIRACLES – Short-lived TV series starring Skeet; now out on DVD and owned by every TMOOD member for the purpose of continual Skeet enjoyment and member discussion.

NB – Nobody’s Baby; movie starring guess who…. Skeet!

NWF – Naked With a Smile; how we’d like to find Skeet…

R&L – doin’ the wild thing, as in, doin’ it Ray and Livy style, or, “hope you have some nice R&L this weekend”

RAY & LIVY (also see R&L) - doin’ the wild thing, as in, doin’ it Ray and Livy style, or, “hope you have some nice R&L this weekend”

REFRACTORY PERIOD – period of time following orgasm, during which men cannot be aroused again and experience another orgasm. Amount of time varies by man, and we are sure that Skeet has none.

SERIEL TINKLER – name for Skeet when bogus media report him urinating in public

SIGN– A sign there will be whoopee at the farmhouse tonight. See TMOOD blog posts of the same name

SKEETALICIOUS – refers to the yummy Mr. Ulrich

SKEETOLOGY– the study and science of the handsome, charming and talented Skeet Ulrich

SKEETMOMENT– A moment of forgetfulness, usually caused by being deep in thought about Skeet Ulrich, his body of work, and his body in general

STATION BREAK – Signals that a member needs to detour from the current chat or blog discussion to ask or discuss a different topic.

SUATM’s – (“swat ‘em”) stands for Skeet Ulrich And TMOODers.

SUF - Skeet Ulrich Fantasy

SUFfers – Those who “suffer” from SUF’s

TMI - Too much information

TMOODers / TMOODs – General name given to members of the “Therapy For The TMOOD and Skeet Ulrich addicted fans” blog

WNSR – We’re Not Stalkers, Really! – Nickname by self proclaimed TMOODers

VESSEL – Male reproductive organ