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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Miracles Episode Four : Little Miss Lost 5/26

*What Do You Want on Your Tombstone?

When others point out inconsistencies and editing goofs in shows I am always impressed. Maybe it's my fascination with my bag of Cheetos, but I'm usually oblivious to all the mistakes. As I'm watching the Wye burial scene it occurs to me that Amelia's tombstone looks weathered, almost mossy. But when I look at her gravesite, it's freshly dug............Are they now making tombstones pre-mossed?

Whoever did the location scouting for the graveyards has a fantastic eye. The huge granite tombstones give a real gothic feel to the scenes - all the more creepy when the paranormal occurs. (Please don't tell me they are all just gray Styrofoam, you'll burst my bubble)

One other aspect of Miracles that has really moved me is the way that Paul deals with the dead. AntEK referenced an example earlier in the week. When Paul goes to the Boston Morgue to view the body of "Little Miss Lost", he is touched by her death. He makes the sign of the cross over her body and tears are visible as he examines her injuries. As he leads Mrs. Wye to her daughter's body, he steps away to allow her privacy, and he is seen silently praying. Despite Paul's crisis of faith, or discontent with the church as an institution, it is apparent that he does still believe in God as a power. Certainly gives me reason to believe that Paul will never be overcome by the "Darkness".

But the "Darkness" knows Paul and it wants him..............hey evil force, get in line!!

.Questions to ponder:

Do you think Paul will ever return to take his vows?

* Tommy: I Hear You Knocking, But You Can't Come In

Just when we think all is well, an old friend from the past comes a knockin'. Tommy's appearance at the end of episode is quick, but terrifying in it's brief exchange. Paul senses an ill-wind and Tommy (boy who died saving Paul) appears before him. Tommy pleads for Paul's help and indicates that the 'Darkness' is real. As he speaks, Paul's voice becomes more and more agitated. You can hear a catch in his voice as he asks "What does it want?" (If Paul is scared, then I'm really scared 'cuz he sees dead people) Then Tommy drops the bombshell, " It wants EVERYTHING". Tommy poofs back to Spirit Central, leaving Paul noticeably shaken. Paul barks out Tommy's name (with a very authoritative sound by the way), but there is no answer............

Questions to ponder:
Where has Tommy ended up that the 'Darkness' is able to reek havoc on him?
Do you think the "Darkness" wants us too or just Paul?

*Final Post for Episode 4!!

"Hi, MJ? This is Paul, I mean Skeet. Listen, jecorbin and I have rapped up Episode 4 and I'm on my way over to work on Episode 5".

"Huh? Oh yeah, she's pretty pooped - it was quite a week. P&P5 and Skeetrfan did an amazing job with the pictures and the HTML formatting. Good comments too - you TMoODers are really great people".

"Say listen, when we complete all the Miracles episodes you guys are going to let me go home, right?"