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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Miracles Episode Four : Little Miss Lost 5/25

Wye, Wye, Wye Aren't There More Answers

As spirits go, "Little Miss Lost" appears to be budget, economy class. She is able to utter only one word to Paul, "Why?". Thanks to Evie's morphine enhanced sleuthing, it's determined that she is actually saying her last name, "Wye". Armed with the list of circus fire survivors, they quickly locate a Rosanna Wye at the old folks home in Norwich, CT. Now that's just good detective work!!

The boys swing by for a little chat. Rosanna is appropriately aged and still lucid enough to reminisce about the fire. Once she gets to yammering though it's hard to steer the conversation. (we'll all be there someday) Alva, squirming painfully, is noticeably uncomfortable with his visit to Geezerville. Paul displays a better poker face (tequila shots?) but he does engage in some eye brow raises and eye rolling to signal to Alva that there are only 10 minutes left in the episode and they need to get a move on.

Rosanna tires of the interrogation and gives them both the bums rush. Even Paul's super strength doe eyed gaze can not melt her heart and make her confess.

After a few distractions at the train station, the fellas are driving in the SQ-V (I'm assuming they have remembered that Evie is still laying in the hospital in Hartford and have gone to retrieve her). As they commiserate about Paul's childhood abandonment, it suddenly becomes apparent to Paul that Rosanna Wye is simply running scared. Now he just needs to prove it. The man's cell phone has an amazing service area because the next thing ya know, he's verified store locations and birth records up in Millinocket, ME.

Rosanna is singing like a canary by the time Paul is done rolling out the evidence. Paul quickly moves from detective to counselor as he escorts Rosanna to the morgue to say good-bye to her daughter. (Check those moves -he's already practicing for the TMoOD dance sequence). Rosanna Wye finally has closure and "Little Miss Lost", a.k.a Amelia, is at last at peace.

.Questions to ponder:
Rosanna does not seem phased by the fact that her daughter, dead 50+ years, is still in the morgue. What conversation did Paul have on the 40 mile drive from Norwich to Hartford to explain this phenomenon?
With the publicity surrounding the tragic fire, is it probable for Rosanna to have kept her same name, been identified as a survivor, yet never discovered by any family back in Millinocket (~400 miles away)?