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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Miracles Episode Four : Little Miss Lost 5/24

Super Skeet: Faster than a Speeding Bullet, More Powerful Than a Locomotive

Paul Callan's physical stamina is absolutely put to the test in this episode. He's blown up by a bus in Boston, shuttled back & forth from San Antonio the day he's released from the hospital, he dodges a barrage of bullets at the gangsta ho-down in Hartford and now that little, balloon brandishing gargoyle has hijacked Alva's train!!

We are grateful that the writers stopped short of putting Paul in a red cape and tights, although his super hero status is not lost on us - Perhaps "The Gap" was a sponsor, but someone with a keen eye for fashion selected a crisp pair of khakis as appropriate attire for this Boston-bred defender of the metropolis. (Look close at the crowd as he runs by - you can see Joan Rivers giving a thumbs up and mouthing "nice pants"!)

And such energy is exuded in this action scene, yet Paul's success is not assured - we gasp in disbelief as our victor bumbles the fence leap and lands spread-eagle on the cement!

But, with nary a whimper he's back up on his feet and flying like a bat out of Hades along side the speeding train. Then he reaches up....can he really be thinking?.........yes!.......HE'S GOING TO JUMP THE TRAIN!! Hey wait a minute....Is that a stunt guy?.......Is that Skeet?
Guess he just can't get enough of jumping on anything fast.........

Despite his obvious physical prowess, Paul keeps it real for us - Throughout the episode he offers us subtle reminders that he's had the snot beat out of him on more than one occasion (in the hospital wincing from head-splitting pain, debilitating back spasm as he rings the airline, etc). Reminding us after all......he's just a man !

Questions to Ponder

Is Paul/Skeet believable as an action hero?

Is there a summary of Paul's injuries? If no, should we create one?