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Monday, May 23, 2005

Miracles Episode Four : Little Miss Lost 5/23

Evie: Not Your Average Girl Friday

Evie's got a boy named Matty, her mama's good looks, more advice than a stack of Dr. Phil's books. A wild imagination, a police education; add it all up, it's a deadly combination. Did I mention the embedded bullet in her head? Although it appears that Evie does only filing at SQ, she devotes a good portion of her time to removing Alva's foot from of his mouth and resolving Paul's pathetic love life. But, just when you think our gal Evie is nothing more than eye candy for the male audience she delivers some stellar detective work and saves the world from certain death and destruction.

In this episode, Evie takes a bullet in the butt (ok, upper thigh) and still manages to come up with all the right answers. Particularly amusing to watch Paul & Alva as she blows apart the working hypothesis from her hospital bed. (An amazing feat considering she's hooked to a morphine drip)

.Questions to ponder:
Do Evie's team contributions seem balanced with Paul & Alva?
How would you characterize her relationship with Paul? With Alva?
Does SQ provide a medical plan?