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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Miracles Episode Four : Little Miss Lost 5/22

Alva's Angst: Is That a Growing Concern for Paul's Well-Being?

We really know little about the SQ operation prior to Paul's arrival. It's apparent that Paul brings something very special to the team and Alva is fascinated, if not envious, by Paul's connection to the "other side". Despite Alva's best efforts to dominate SQ's operation with a detached analytical approach, the balance has been skewed - both Evie and Paul possess warmth, humor, heart, and well, alluring good looks. Alva can't help but be influenced by this new dominate force.

Alva's natural curiosity is tapped when he discovers that Paul was injured on a bus route that is not part of his normal routine. (Did ya see Paul's eyes when Alva probes the subject?) But Paul, man of mystery, is not giving it up so easily. In fact, it takes "Little Miss Lost" invading his dreams to make Paul confess that he's been lurking at city hall trying to locate information on his father (oh, and to check out Claudia, the hottie)

Alva seems willing to sacrifice resolution of an international paranormal mystery for Paul.

At every turn Alva makes recommendations to enable Paul to complete the paternal connection. Alva's disappointment seems as large as Paul's when they are unable to get back to Boston's city hall.

.Questions to ponder:
Why does Alva resonate with Paul's need to find his father?
What was it like at SQ prior to Paul's arrival? How has Paul changed that dynamic?