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Friday, May 20, 2005

Miracles Episode Four : Little Miss Lost 5/20

Spirited Children: How to Keep Them in Check

"Little Miss Lost" tells the story of a young girl killed in a tragic circus fire in the 1940's. Her body has remained unclaimed and her tormented spirit searches for her family. As a result, death and devastation follow her. Because of a shared need to find parents she is drawn to Paul (she's much too young to realize it, but she's actually drawn to Paul because he's the hottest paranormal investigator on the planet)

She initially appears to Paul on a city bus just seconds before the bus explodes killing all aboard. This event marks the shortest amount of time Paul appears in an episode before being kicked, shot, mamed, beaten or bruised.

As Paul awakens in his hospital room, he again sees Little Miss Lost standing at the foot of his bed

**An interesting note about this scene - During the casting interview SU mentioned that when he was a boy, a person with balloons had appeared at the foot of his hospital bed and assured him that all would be well - later when he asked his family who that was, no one knew what he was talking about. The writers incorporated that image into this episode!

"Little Miss Lost" continues to make her presence known to Paul. Again in the hospital, she appears to Paul in a sports segment on the TV news, but later when he reviews the video, she is not found. He sees her in the Boston morgue and the San Antonio morgue where he also receives a polaroid snapshot of her from the medical examiner's office. She appears to him again near a Boston cafe. Alva is aware of her legend and produces an old newspaper clipping which explains her plight. She appears at the Hartford cemetary, is seen later at the Hartford morgue and aboard a train that Alva has just boarded.

Questions to ponder:
Why is she visible in photographs, but does not show up on the TV video?
She is seen dead many times - How/when does she become a spirit again?
If death and destruction typically follow her appearances, why did nothing happen at the Boston cafe? Was there a tragedy avoided?