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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Episode One:The Ferguson Syndrome 4

This will be my final set of questions for Episode One - The Ferguson Syndrome. I will turn the hostess reins over to skeetrfan for Episode Two - The Friendly Skies starting around Friday. FYI - this is the fourth post for Episode One discussion so for those of you who are apprehensive, it really isn't hard or a particularly big deal. You can come up with three discussion questions ~ post about every other day ~ and save the fourth post for "open" discussion as I am here. You can also do more if you'd like and you can do it anyway you'd like! Thanks for participating everyone!

We were introduced to Paul Callan in this first episode. I'd like to hear what you think of Paul. What do you like about him? Anything that bugs you about him or about how he is portrayed? How do you like Skeet's hair in this episode? (seems to have a fair amount of "product" in it much of the time) How do you like his conservative/preppy style of dress?

Please add any comments or questions you still have about this episode!

And finally, we said we would keep track of how many times Paul gets beat up, banged up, or otherwise cut and bruised throughout the series. In The Ferguson Syndrome it starts with the horrific train/car crash (which is filmed remarkably well, don't you think? The crash was fantastic and disturbing at the same time and the car being carried along the tracks was very dramatic).