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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Episode One: The Ferguson Syndrome 3

Toward the end of The Ferguson Syndrome, Mrs. Ferguson sneaks out of the house on a rainy night (when is it not raining on this show?) with Tommy and is unknowingly followed by Paul.

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We know Mrs. F had threatened to take Tommy away if Mr. F kept making Tommy heal people to his own detriment, but I wonder where she was taking him that she thought they could escape his "gift"? Desperate motherly behavior? Do you think she had an actual destination in mind? And what about Paul? Why was he following them and what do you think he intended to do once he caught up with them?

And finally, how did Alva end up at the crash site? Do you suppose he was following in his car? And what is with the creepy face that shows up for an instant a couple of time in this episode? We see it when Paul first sees Tommy in his dream and then again when he sees Alva at the crash site.

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