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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Bone Scatterer: Team Interactions

I’d like to talk about the growing relationship among the three team members. The opening chess scene is pretty light-hearted and, along with other humor throughout the episode, seems to be an attempt to inject some light into a dark story line. For example, Paul’s comment about the call from the dead chess master; the credentials; Evie’s taking the coroner’s keys after he called her “honey” and sent her on her way; the bar patron saying to Alva there was a bar outside town for “his kind.” There are other examples, so please feel free to bring them up.

It looks to me like Paul has settled into his role at Sodalitas Quaerito. His impressive clinical and forensic skills are again on display at the coroner’s office and he’s very authoritative as he rattles off his observation of the body following his initial shock at the state of the injuries. In addition, Paul contradicts Alva’s plan that they both go to investigate Jimmy in favor of Paul shadowing Travis.

Do these scenes suggest that Paul, Alva, and Evie are getting along? Or does it mean that the writers are getting more comfortable with the characters? Do you see any difference in the way Paul interacts with Alva? Paul keeps calling Alva “Keel,” yet introduces him to Travis as “Alva.” Sometimes Paul seems surprised by Evie – did he just learn that she had been a cop? Did it surprise Paul that Evie planned to stop by the coroner’s office on her own? Does it seem like the acting is getting stronger and Skeet is inhabiting Paul?

And still more eye candy!